Is pen ink okay for stick and poke tattoos?
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Is pen ink okay for stick and poke tattoos?

Stick and Poke are popular technologies to make tattoos which are used these days. In this form of tattoos, people do not need any electronic device. It can be created by using pen and ink. You can create “Stick and Poke” tattoos through pen ink. It is a different form of a tattoo. For creating the Stick and Poke tattoos using pen ink, you should ensure that the ink is harmless. This article will discuss “Is pen ink okay for Stick and Poke tattoos?”

What are Stick and Poke? 

Stick and Poke is a sort of DIY tattoo that is popular all around the world these days. It is a distinct form of tattoo compared to a common traditional tattoo. You do not need to use any electronic device to make such types of tattoos. For further details see: lumbuy.

It can be created using an ink pen. For creating such tattoos, pen ink is the thing that is used. To create such tattoos, people need a pointer (Needle), thread, and pen ink. Not all pen ink is made for skin. Therefore, you should be careful in selecting the right ink.   

Is pen ink okay for stick-and-poke tattoos?

Tattoo ink should be high quality and made up of harmless elements because the skin is sensitive, and the low quality of ink can harm it. So always, be careful when you are selecting pen ink. Keep yourself away from the ink, which can be harmful to you.

Ink is the most important for creating such tattoos. High-quality ink can make your tattoo marvellous and good for your sensitive skin.  

Which pen and ink type will be better for making the Stick and Poke tattoos?

Many people like to make tattoos, but some look for a simple and easy method. So, stick and poke tattoos are one of the simplest ways of making tattoos. A DIY tattoo is very famous these days due to the creativity inside it. Stick and poke is a handmade tattoo in which no electronic device or complex method is used. It can be done with a pen and ink. The best kits can be used for making this type of tattoo.

·     Dragonhawk

If you are looking for one of the best products to make such types of tattoos is Dragonhawk. It is one of the high-class products. One major reason for the trustworthiness of this product is the brand’s popularity. It has good feedback from customers. It looks too simple but enables people to make the best tattoos.

The things that you will find out in this kit are below:

  • Pen to poke
  • Skin sample for practice  
  • Ink (Black coloured)
  • Tattoo designs
  • Covers
  • Other required items


Another best kit to create these tattoos is Hawick. Homemade tattoos are always entertaining, but people always need the best product to avoid harmful effects. It is preferable because it has more than one colour. It is the best option for those who want to add some creativity to their tattoos. The things that you will find out in this kit are below:

  • Tattoo pen
  • Ink in seven colours
  • Transfer paper  
  • Medically approved stainless steel tattoo needles
  • Needle nipples
  • Disposable gloves
  • Table covers   
  • Skin sample for practising
  • Grip cover wrap


Your search is over if you are looking for a high-class product that fulfils your requirement for creating the best stick-and-poke tattoos. Solong is one of the best kits for this purpose, which will meet all your requirements. It enables people to put on tattoos easily.

You will get everything you need to make the tattoos in a high-class kit. The things that you will get in this kit are below:

  • Mixed different-sized needles
  • 3D-printed tattoo pen
  • Seven tattoo inks
  • Tattoo ink cups
  • Black grip warp
  • Grommets
  • Large-sized gloves
  • Skin sample for practising

Final Words

Making tattoos is the dream and desire of many people, but they do not have the ability and skills to use electronic devices or machines to make tattoos. However, when it comes to stick and poke tattoos, then they are completely different from traditional ones. They do not need electronic devices, so you can easily make them using pen and ink. I hope this article will be helpful for you.  

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