Best Accessories To Elevate Your Style

Best Accessories To Elevate Your Style

A woman has makeup lip fillers men have their clothes their accessories and their hair some guys have their hair all right you’re challenging me to a fight a man without accessories is like an eagle without wings you might look kind of dope but you ain’t fly pun intended seven accessories every guy must have as well as alternatives for everyone’s budget.

Essential Watches

Every guy should have is a watch now, just because you see all these guys on social media rocking Rolexes, Tech Fleips, and rehard Mills doesn’t mean you shouldn’t buy a watch just because you can’t afford one of those Brands. And besides, what’s the deal with the reard meal anyways? It looks like you might pick it up in your next McDonald’s Happy Meal. I’d rather wear a Ben 10 watch from No Cap. The point is, the watch is there to complement your outfit. It doesn’t matter how expensive it is or what brand it is, it is there to look stylish.

So, I personally have two watches: the TSO PRX Power Matic 80, which I think is probably the best watch for under $11,000 based on design as well as materials used. I also have a Longines Dolce Vita, and between these two watches, suit all of my different occasions. Now, some great alternatives to these watches, which I assume most of you guys are going to be looking for something under $1,000, we have the Orient Bambino, the Timex Marlin, the Seiko Cocktail Time, the water Seiko SPB1155, the Tissot PRX Powermatic 880, and the Mido Multifort Patrimony. Those are all fantastic watches. They’re extremely versatile.

Leather Bag Essentials

Leather duffel bag or a leather backpack. Now if you’re a student, maybe you’ll want to prioritize the leather backpack, mainly College. If you’re in high school, don’t bother buying this stuff yet; you don’t have enough money or ask for it for Christmas. And if you’re not in school and you’re like myself, then buy yourself a nice leather duffel bag. The most compliments I’ve received in my entire life from both men and women have been my Double D’s. I’m not kidding all the time. But what I was actually going to say is my coach Gotham duffel bag in this beautiful brown colorway. It is a close second in compliments to my chest. So whether you’re going traveling, you’re going on a weekend trip, or you’re going to school, you want to get yourself a nice leather backpack or duffel bag.

Now I will warn you, a real leather item is not cheap, guys. This is not canvas; this is not nylon; this is real leather. So be prepared. Some options for leather duffles are the Kesler large duffel from Leatherology, the Ted Baker safiano leather duffel, the Graham leather overnighter, the Polo Ralph Lauren black smooth leather duffel bag, the Carl Friedrich pissi Weekender coach Gotham duffel, which is the one I have, or the coach trekker 582. And on the high end but insanely great quality is the Frank kle Signature Travel duffel. Now for your backpacks, you have the Coach outlet Sprint backpack, the coach hitch backpack, the slow in backpack from Leatherology.

Pendant Necklace Styling

You will need a pendant necklace now. A pendant necklace adds visual interest and draws your attention down to your neckline. In my case, it draws your attention down to my triple d’s. Assuming you guys have a similar style to mine, you’ll want something that is minimal. There are quite a few options when it comes to pendant necklaces and shapes and designs. You can go for a circle, a bar, a rectangle, or even, like mine, a combination of three different things.

The one that you guys see me currently wearing is the Eis Trilogy a gate necklace from Main’s side. Key tip: if you guys want your necklace to be short like mine, so when you wear a polo or you’re wearing a tank top, it’s going to sit above and you’ll always see it, go shop in the women’s section. Most of the time they have the exact same necklaces but with a shorter length.

Cuff Bracelet Trend

The cuff bracelet is because there are days that I don’t feel like wearing my watch and I don’t want my wrist to be completely bare the cuff bracelet is that perfect accessory that just adds a bit of flavor to your outfit the one that I am wearing is the tailor cuff from Mains side it’s kind of got this belt-like closure that is really elegant and aesthetic kind of reminds me of side adjusters but for your wrist some other options that I think are extremely nice are the annex cuff from mainside the Rector gold cuff from mainai the crafted London classic cuff and the sterling silver knot cuff from DS and South now

Curly Hair Care

Usually, I just come right out of the shower, pat dry my hair so it’s still damp. This is essential for pre-styling; it’s going to make sure that your products actually work properly. The next step is I go in with their Cloud control oil. I take four drops and I apply that through my hair thoroughly. It contains 12 different types of oils that are essential for healthy hair growth, frizz removal, and hydration.

Now, after that, I go in with their rebound curl cream, and this is what’s going to help you achieve that Curly wet look as well as give you a nice hold. So, I use about a quarter-sized amount, and I rub it through my hair and I apply it thoroughly throughout, and I just do this little scrunching motion that helps make more defined curls. And then after that, I just let my hair air dry for about 20 minutes, and you’re left with this perfect curly wet hydrated hair.

Essential Leather Wallets

I personally like to go with loud colors when it comes to my wallet, just cuz it’s so small. It’s also easier to find, but it’s just kind of a personal preference. A neutral one can also look nice. In terms of designs, my two favorite designs are the card holder and the pocket organizer. They kind of serve different purposes. You might only need one. My credit card holder is just for daily use, and then my pocket organizer is for when I go traveling and I need to hold more cards as well as cash. That comes in real Handy, and it still maintains a nice slim profile.

Now some great options for card holders is the coach card case and signature leather, the APC Andre card holder, the Kenzo Paris lucky tiger card holder, the acne Studios leather card holder, and the ammy Paris card holder. Now for the pocket organizers, a few great options are the coach card holder wallet, the belroy slim sleeve, Mason margela four stitches card holder, and the BGA Vanetta flap card holder.

Gradient Sunglasses Trend

Pair of sunglasses, but not your average pair of sunglasses. A pair of gradient sunglasses. Now, I don’t know what it is, but personally, I think gradient sunglasses look more stylish. It’s something about the fact that you can kind of see my eyes that makes it look better than just your average pair. There’s probably not many people out there saying this, but I put you guys on this. Get yourself a pair of gradient glasses, these things are way sicker. So, because sunglasses are so subjective to your actual face shape, I can’t tell you exactly the sunglasses you should buy for yourself, but I’ll give you some companies that do have gradient sunglasses. The ones that I’m wearing and you see me wear all the time are from a company called explicit poets.

They have majority gradient glasses, but they are mainly for slimmer faces. So, if you have a wider face, you might want to look at some of these other brands. Rayan also have some gradient ones, yes, glasses. Carrera sunglasses, Tom Ford has them, daa, and of course, you have the pioneer of gradient glasses, Cartier. Now, the final accessory is a belt.

Now, as you guys know, I personally don’t wear belts because most of my pants have side adjusters, but majority of you I imagine are going to have belt loops, so I suggest you get yourself a black or brown belt or a cream one depending on which color you wear most often, something with a nice slim belt buckle. Don’t go for any crazy designer brand, guys, you don’t need to spend a ton of money on a belt. $100 will get you an absolutely fantastic belt. So, that is the seven accessories.