Most Expensive SNEAKERS in the World
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Most Expensive SNEAKERS in the World

Everyone is aware of someone who is shoe obsessed you might even be that person that is always interested in learning about the newest designs of shoes or once worn to protect the feet but those days are long gone they are now both an essential component of one’s clothing and a requirement for fashion however shoes also signify social status for the extremely wealthy it might be a joke to you but that’s a reality.

Jada Dubai’s Diamond Pearl Sandals

Jada Dubai the diamond pearl sandals Jada Dubai’s the diamond pearl sandals comes in at number five the first thing that draws attention to them is the cascading diamond detail on the blossoming rose at the ankle there are still more jewels to be found when you flip the shoe over you’ll see a one carat diamond studded gold glitter sole wait what 1 carat gold on the sole crazy although not the most expensive shoes the brand sells the pair is priced at 25000 still not expensive well you know what the crazy thing about this pair is the purchasers must speak with a Jada Dubai ambassador before making a purchase.

Iconic Air Jordan’s

air Jordan silver shoes this stylish pair of air Jordan’s has been the envy of sneakerheads worldwide since it was initially introduced they are magnificent and have the legendary Michael Jordan’s autograph the best thing about these shoes is how comfy they are to wear which cannot be stated for many of the other shoes these air Jordan’s are the priciest basketball shoes because they’re great silver detailing because of their worldwide popularity this shoe line has come to be associated with the Nike name so do you want to follow Michael Jordan’s style if you’re the biggest Michael Jordan fan and want to purchase a pair be prepared to shell out sixty thousand dollars crazy though.

Expensive Heels: Katherine Wilson’s Diamond Shoe

The diamond shoe by Katherine Wilson an expensive pair of heels by new Zealand-based shoe designer Katherine Wilson is the next item on our list of the most expensive shoes her gleaming handmade pumps are pretty flashy the shoes cost four hundred eighteen thousand four hundred fifty dollars and were auctioned in 2013 during an event the designer hosted they contained 21.8 carats of diamonds wow Wilson had a high security staff working alongside her as she worked away she told the daily mail i had two security officers and automobiles accompany me while moving the jewels and shoes it was like being in a James bond movie so fascinating.

Stuart Weitzman Diamond Dream Stilettos: Luxe Glamour

Stuart Weitzman diamond dream stilettos diamonds are the best friends of girls well more than 90 of girls are obsessed with diamonds if diamonds are a girl’s best friend in reality then these shoes must have come straight from a Marilyn Monroe dream the Stuart Weitzman diamond dream stilettos were essentially designed for the 2007 Oscars and the feet of dream girl star Anika noni rose they are delicate but glamorous you will wonder knowing that 1 500 diamonds each worth thirty carats were manually incorporated into this pair of shoes surprised the shoes also have a simple silver band around the toes to further emphasize the delicate nature of these sparkling masterpieces it seems to sense that they capture the audience’s interest and you may own this lovely pair if you’re willing to pay five hundred thousand dollars yep it’s that expensive.

Ruby Red Slipper Saga

The original ruby red slippers from the wizard of oz when considering the priciest shoes in the world ruby slippers may come to mind Judy garland wore the famous ruby red slippers in the 1939 motion picture the wizard of oz one of many pairs known to exist in 2000 they were auctioned off and sold for six hundred sixty thousand dollars like seriously the six saichis were later sold to Hollywood-based memorabilia collector David AL cubie well you might know but a pair of ruby red slippers went missing at one point the pair vanished from the Judy garland museum in grand rapids Minnesota the actress’s hometown in 2005.