10 Must-Have Fashion Accessories To Look Chic

10 Must-Have Fashion Accessories To Look Chic

Fashion accessories have the power of transforming your look. One statement piece and boom, you have taken your style to an extraordinary level. You don’t have to wear designer clothing to elevate your style or look your best. A bunch of trendy fashion accessories will come a long way in transforming your look.

But what could these pieces be? Which accessories will complement your look? Starting from cute hair accessories to statement rings, there are so many options. But let’s keep things simple and pick from the best 10.

1: Hoop Earrings

Hoop earrings from the 90s fashion are back. They are one of the simplest and sassiest earrings to wear. Whether you have a sport, elegant or punk style, they will work for everyone. You can choose from the size (small or large) and look amazing.

2: Pointy Pumps

Pointy pumps with kitten heels are over the place. These shoes offer the best of both worlds. They look stylish and elegant at the same time. They are perfect to wear during the day and even at night. Plus, you can pair then with so many outfits. They look chic with almost everything.

If you had always found it troubling to wear stilettos, pointy pumps with kitten heels will save your day.

3: Brooches

Do you have a few brooches that you haven’t worn for a while? Now is the right time to wear them. Ask your grandma if she wants to give away some of her brooches from her collection. Wear it on lapel just like it’s worn traditionally. You can also add it to your hat or scarf.

4: Chain Necklaces

The forth Fashion accessories is Chain necklaces, have been in the trend in 2019 fall. Many designers came up with layered necklaces with large chains. If you don’t have a statement chain necklace, invest in one. Necklaces are in the vogue and they are a timeless trend.

5: Wide Belts

Belts can transform your look just like red lipstick or a good hairdo can transform your look. Belts are available in a huge variety. You can wear them over blazers, dresses, or even sweaters. They define your waistline.

If you have baggier clothing like a sweater dress, the belt will hold it in place and you will look trendy.

6: Chunky Bracelets

Who doesn’t love chunky bracelets? They are just like statement earrings. Even if you are wearing a single large bracelet, it will add a huge impact and transform your outfit. Wear a golden chunky bracelet with a solid maroon outfit and you will be receiving so many compliments.

7: Oversized D-Frames

One style of sunglasses becomes trendy each season. This season, oversized D frame sunglasses have dominated the street style. These are big and bold sunglasses. Even the models in the European fashion week were seen rocking oversized D frames

The flat top and large lenses make for a cool retro look. They are available in metal and plastic frames. You can keep things simple by choosing a clear, black or tortoiseshell frame.

8: Scarves

Scarves are another must-have accessory. And if you are living in a cold region, you will stay cozy and look trendy at the same time.  Pick the scarf fabric depending on the weather. Make sure you know how to rock a scarf. This long strip of fabric might seem harmless but the way you wear it can make or break your look.

9: Statement Rings

Ditch the delicate rings and choose the statement rings. Even one or two big rings will be enough. However, don’t forget to follow the rule of wearing rings. If you have large hands with long fingers, you can wear up to 2 statement rings. But, if you have small hands, you be better off wearing delicate rings.

10: Ring Bearer Bags

There was a time when beads and gems transformed simple handbags and into statement bags. Now, critical metal handles have been replaced by chic ring bearers. That’s why you will see so many women in the street carrying ring bearer bags. It’s more practical than a traditional handbag.

You will look chic and you won’t be sacrificing functionality either. Ring handles look good on bags of any style. If you have plans of investing in a new handbag, get a ring bearer bag for sure.

Final Words

Being stylish doesn’t have to be expensive. Pick from these options and rock your fashion game. Remember that even trendy M prints have the potential to transform your look if worn right.

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