Top 5 Most Expensive Birkin Bags Ever
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Top 5 Most Expensive Birkin Bags Ever

People are often shocked to find out just how much popular Hermes bag the Burkin bag costs it’s actually not easy to purchase and it’s not just because it’s expensive because it is expensive but it’s also because in order to get a Birkin you have to play the Hermes game and I’m going to break down the top five most expensive Birkin bags ever sold what’s very interesting is that Hermes has often gone viral when theyve sold one of their rare bags and I want to go through the list of the top five most expensive Birkin bags ever sold as at the start of 2024.

Ultra-Luxury Birkin: $288,200 Auction Sale

The diamond Burkin this Burkin bag was sold in auction for $288,200 now most exotic bkings are going to cost six figures but this bin bag is made from crocodile skin in the size 35 CM color geranium and includes 18 karat white gold and diamond hardware and it was sold at premium Auction House Christies in 2018.

Fabergé Birkin: $400,000 Rarity

The Faberge Burkin this Burkin bag was sold for $400,000 at soft bees in 2022 this rare 20 cm handbag is made from both alligator skin and Chevy leather with Palladium hardware and is designed to look like a her storefront the bag comes in four Shades but the nage or snow colorway is the most valuable and the top of the list for many heres collectors hence the price tag.

Pricey Himalaya Birkin

The Himalaya Burkin bag a version of this bag was sold in 2022 for $450,000 it is a Burkin 30 made from crocodile skin with diamond encrusted white gold Hardware the bag also features 9 to 10 carats of Stones the Himalaya Burkin bag is named after the Himalayan Mountains as they feature a gradient pattern and even the non-diamond encrusted versions of the Himalaya Burkin can sell for tens of thousands of dollars as they are super rare and therefore super valuable but the diamond encrusted version will cost you even more.

Jinza Tanaka Birkin: $1.9M Diamond Luxury

The jinza Tanaka Birkin bag this bag is worth $1.9 million and is a platinum Birkin bag encrusted with almost 3,000 diamonds including an 8 karat pearshaped centerpiece this bag has a diamond strap that can be detached and used as a necklace or a bracelet and the centerpiece can also be used as a brooch this bag came from a collaboration between here’s and Japanese Jew Ginza Tanaka in 2015.

Top Price: $2 Million Birkin

The most expensive Birkin bag to date coming in at a whopping $2 million is the sack bju Burkin which was released as part of a special collection in 2012 it was designed by Pierre Hardy and is currently the most expensive birin bag and the most expensive Birkin bag is also one of the smallest it’s a miniature handbag that is intended to be worn as a bracelet it features over 2,000 diamonds set in rose gold and according to soft bees there are only three stack Bou Birkins in existence will you be trying to get your hand on.

One of these rare bags now although these Birkin’s are super pricey everyone talks about how burkins r Ain their value and therefore they’re actually good investment pieces now I don’t think that everyone needs to rush out to buy a Burkin but I can understand why they do I can understand why it’s so popular everyone wants the it item the rarest the most popular the most stylish and they will pay huge amounts of money to buy them.