Top Amazing Facts About Honey Bees

Top Amazing Facts About Honey Bees

Bees are very busy animal pollination  is required for over 90 percent of wild   plants and 75 percent of the  world’s most important crops   pollinators are responsible for a one out of  every three mouthfuls of our food pollination   dependent crops are five times more valuable  than non-pollinated crops.

Unlikely Bee Habitats

Bees can be found in a variety of places some of  which are surprising let’s take a look at a few   marshes shingle sand dunes soft cliffs heath lands  wetlands chalk grasslands quarries gravel pits   sea walls and even post-industrial land  are all examples of natural habitats.

Bee Transport Network

Bees also rely on a transport system  to get around consider how difficult it   would be to travel around the united kingdom  without our extensive road and rail networks   consider what life9 would be like if out of  every 10 miles of roads simply did not exist   bee lines are a creative and lovely solution to  the problem of flower and pollinator extinction   the bee lines are a network of insect routes that  run across our towns and countryside they connect   existing wildlife reserves forming a network  that will weave through the British landscape   like a railway.

Bee Rescue Tips

Bringing a bee back to life if  you come across a bumblebee that appears to be   struggling it’s possible that it’s merely resting  especially if it’s a queen in the early spring   if you suspect the bee is having trouble carefully  place it on a flower that is friendly to bees   if no bee friendly flowers are available  make a 50 50 mixture of white sugar and   water to give the bumble bee a one-time energy  boost by giving the carbs it requires to fly . 

Bee Conservation Efforts

Anyone including you can help a bee out we can  all help bees by planting flowers in our gardens   balconies and windowsills you may also tell your  friends and family how awesome bees are and how   they can make their wild spaces be friendly by  talking about them from march to october plant   a variety of blooms in your garden to provide  nectar for bees five bees actually have four wings.

Wing Hook Mechanism

When flying the two wings on each side  hook together to form a bigger pair   and then unhook when not flying.

Honeybee Communication Strategy

The waggle  dance is a dance technique used by honeybees   it’s not so much a dance move as it is  a sophisticated strategy for them to   communicate with one another in order to advise  their nest mates where to go to find the finest   food source the waggle dance took two years  for academics at sussex university to interpret.

Bumblebee Brainpower

The brainy bunch the brain of a buff-tailed  bumblebee is the size of a poppy seed   that’s astounding because scientists have  taught them to score a goal in b football   in exchange for a sugary treat it’s hard to  believe.

Smelly Footsteps Discrimination

They have surprisingly smelly feet   may utilize their smelly footsteps to discriminate  between their own fragrance the scent of a   relative and the scent of a stranger according  to researchers from the university of Bristol   this means they’ll have a better chance of  obtaining food and avoiding blooms that have   previously been visited.

Queen Replacement Process

A dinner for queens  in a honeybee colony if the queen bee dies the   workers can raise a new queen bee they accomplish  this by choosing a young larva and giving it   specific meal called royal jelly which causes the  caterpillar to mature into a reproductive queen.