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If you pick up a starving  dog and make him prosperous he will not bite you   this is the principal difference  between a dog and a man   these words from the great American author  surely make you think about the greatness of dogs   the largest breed like mastiffs great Danes and  saint Bernard are strong enough to attack you   like wild animals.

French mastiff

Height 20 to   23 inches weight 54-62.2 kilograms

The courageous  French mastiff dogs also known as Doug de Bordeaux   this breed of dog is distinguished by  their massive head and muscular body   the adult dogs can have a height between 20  to 23 inches and weigh up to 62.
2 kilograms   their skin is very thick and the bod features  significant wrinkles on their face and neck   the broad and heavy head is the most  attractive part of the french mastiff breed   with small eyes broad nose and short hanging ears  their face always has a cute expression the short   and soft coat of this breed comes in shade of  light fawn to dark red the french mastiff puppies   should be trained and socialized well.

Great pyrenes

Height 30 to 39 inches weight 52 to   59 kilograms

The great pyrenes dogs have a great  reputation for their protective nature and beauty  
they have been working as watchdogs since  300b.c to protect livestock the large breed   is very gentle obedient and loyal they can  have an average height of 30 to 39 inches and   weigh between 52 to 59 kilograms they have a very  broad chest and wedge-shaped head the attractive   v-shaped ears of this breed hang downwards they  also have long plume tail and almond-shaped eyes   the great pyrenes dogs have weather-resistant  double coat their undercoat is dense and woolly   and upper coat is thick and long the color of  the coat can be white in different shades of gray the masters have to train the great Pyrenees  dogs from the early puppyhood itself   without proper training this breed can become  very aggressive they need space and can’t   be considered as an indoor pet.

Anatolian shepherd dog

Height 26 to 31 inches   weight 41 to 68 kilograms

The anatolian shepherd  is a large and powerful dog breed native to turkey   they originally developed to protect the livestock  this large breed weighs up to 68 kilograms   the anatolian shepherd dogs are known for their  agility and endurance the anatolian shepherd  dogs have large and round shaped head the color of  medium-sized eyes ranges from brown to light amber   their neck is thick and powerful the triangular  shaped ears of anatolian dogs can be four to six   inches in length and hang down the anatolian  shepherd dogs have large and round shaped head   the color of medium-sized eyes ranges from brown  to light amber their neck is thick and powerful   the triangular shaped ears of anatolian dogs can  be four to six inches in length and hang down   the anatolian shepherd dogs are very  affectionate smart loyal and protective  they are very suspicious of strangers. 


Height 27 to 30 inches   weight 60 to 70 kilograms

Newfoundland is  truly a large breed with an average height   of 30 inches in weight between 60 to 70 kilograms   they have very strong bones it is said to be  newfoundland is stronger than large breeds such as   English mastiff the newfoundland dogs have  very broad and massive head and strong neck   they also have very deep chest and long thighs  the newfoundland dogs also have thick and long   coat mainly comes in black color the coat also  needs regular grooming to keep the good condition   they are very sociable and intelligent the  newfoundland dogs are very sensitive to their   master’s voice and they can be trained easily the  newfoundland dogs bark very rarely but they are   protective and very devoted to their family.


Height 26 to 32 inches weight   45 to 77 kilograms

The giant dog breed of the leon  burger is named after the leonberger city in germany   with the striking black mask and long  coat this breed has a lion-like appearance   leon burger dogs have very  muscular and well-balanced body   they have a height of 26 to 32 inches  and weigh between 45 to 77 kilograms   the leon burger breed has a rectangular shaped  broad head the black mask is the pride of this   breed and it gives them a great expression they  also have a long nose and medium-sized ears the   thick and long coat of leon burger breed is water  resistant and comes in yellow red cream and brown   this breed demand early socialization and training. 

Irish wolfhound

Height 28 to 35 inches  weight 53 to 84 kilograms

The irish wolfhound  is the tallest member of sighthound’s breed   this breed can be 28 to 35 inches in height and  53 to 84 kilograms in weight they are native to   ireland and originally served in wars and hunting  they mainly used as a wolf hunter the name also   originated in that way the giant-sized irish  wolfhound has a long head and muzzle their legs   are long and strong it let the irish wolfhound  dogs in gaining great speed while hunting a prey   the wide and deep chest also reflects the  power of this breed the irish wolfhound  matures very slowly takes more than two years  the masters have to train and exercise them daily. 

Neapolitan mastiff

Height 26  to 30 inches weight 54.4 to 90.4 kilograms 

The Neapolitan mastiff is a large guardian  breed native to italy romans once used this   breed as war dogs the height of this giant  breed ranges from 26 inches to 30 inches   and have a weight of 54.4 to 90.4 kilograms the  massive neopolitan mastiff dogs have loose skin   and thick wrinkled face they have a wide flat  head and large nose their coat is dense and   short comes in gray lead and black brown and fawn  like other watch dogs Neapolitan mastiff demand   early socialization and training they are very  intelligent protective and family loving dogs   they easily sense the threats this breed barks  very rarely but they are smart enough to let   the owners know about the threats in no time the  neapolitan mastiffs are not suited for beginners.

Street Bernard

height 27  to 35.4 inches weight 64 to 91 kilograms 

Standing at an average height of 27 to 35.4 inches  and weight of 64 to 91 kilograms the saint bernard   is truly a gigantic breed they are originally  developed for rescue operations on the alps   they have very strong and muscled body this  breed can travel through deep snow for miles   the socialization and training is must for this  giant-sized dog without proper training the saint   bernard dogs can be destructive on the other hand  a well-trained saint bernard dog shows incredible   patience and friendly nature the street  bernard dogs very devoted to their family   they can be quiet indoor dogs st bernard dogs  also get along well with children.

great Dane

height 30 to 36 inches weight 50  to 90 kilograms

great Dane breed has a great   reputation for its height and charming nature  this breed can be as tall as three feet or more   they weigh between 50 to 90 kilograms in 2012 the  Guinness book of world records entitles a great   Dane named Zeus as the tallest dog in the world  the giant dog measured 44 inches on four legs   the great Danes are originally developed as  hunting dogs they also depicted on egyptian   artifacts dating back to 300 bc unlike other  breeds the great danes shows rapid growth   the great danes puppies will reach height  of an average adult male within one year   regardless of the giant size the great  danes are playful and very gentle. 

English mastiff

height 27 to 32  inches weight 68 to 110 kilograms or more 

  English mastiff is the largest dog breed  in the world by considering the mass   this breed has an average weight of 68 to 110  kilograms and shoulder height of 27 to 33 inches   on September 26 1981 the Guinness book of world  records recognized an old English mastiff named   zorba as the heaviest and longest dog in the  world the dog weighed 142.7 kilograms with a   height of 27 inches at that time the English  mastiff also called as old English mastiff   it is one of the oldest breed in the world  they depicted on Egyptian monuments from 300 bc   the giant-sized mastiffs were also used  by the romans for gladiatorial fights   the