Top 10 Most Beautiful Horses on Planet Earth
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Top 10 Most Beautiful Horses on Planet Earth

A genomic analysis estimates horse domestication  began 6 000 years ago it was in Russia Ukraine and  Kazakhstan that the first domestic horses appeared  then Europe and Asia these horses were utilized   for meat milk and of course riding horses are  still employed for numerous activities nowadays   they’re used for racing farm work meat and more  there are over 400 horse breeds worldwide varying   in size conformation and color while all horses  are lovely some are more stunning than others.

Ancient Golden Horses

One of  the oldest horse breeds in the world   they were originally bred for speed and  endurance resulting in a horse that was   sleek and exotic in appearance these horses have  excellent bones and gleaming coats in the light   they’re a highly uncommon breed that  originated in Turkmenistan’s deserts   with only about six thousand specimens  left on the earth because of the glossy sheen of their coats and their frequent golden coloring they’re known as the golden horses. 

Appaloosa Horse

The distinctive appearance of  appaloosas makes them readily recognized white   and black spots in designs like blanket leopard  snowflake and marble can be found on these horses   they’re known for being kind and friendly making  them an excellent horse for riders of all levels.

Arabian Horse

Few horse breeds have  the illustrious reputation of Arabian horses when it comes to iconic horse breeds  they’re regarded as some of the world’s best   endurance horses and their genetics have been  incorporated into nearly every racing breed   they’re also magnificent creatures with  a noble demeanor and distinguishing   characteristics that make them one of  the most easily recognized horse breeds.

Frisian Horse

Friesian horses are all  black and stand between 15 and 17 hands tall   they have powerful physique and graceful gates  that give them a very dignified appearance   despite the fact that the breed has been on  the verge of extinction on multiple occasions   they are gaining in popularity now which  is assisting the breeds growth in numbers.

Gypsy Horse

Gypsy horses have coats  that resemble those of pinto horses   but they are constructed very differently  the gypsy horse also known as the Galineers   cobb or gypsy banner is a breed of horse native to Ireland and the united kingdom they’re small horse but they’re built to last  gypsy horses are frequently bald or skew-balled.

Half linger Horse

The Hal flinger is a little  but elegant horse that was developed in Australia  and northern Italy by crossing many species  notably Tyrolean ponies and Arabian horses   these horses stand 13 to 15 hands  tall with a sophisticated head   deep chest and slanted shoulders they walk with a  rhythmic pace and are well muscled a Half lingers   body is chestnut but the mane and tail are  flacon getting a lovely and unusual contrast.  

“Nab Strupper Horse”

If you’ve never heard of a nab Strupper   it’s a Danish breed that comes in two sizes some  are pony sized standing less than 14.2 hands tall   while most specimens are 15.2 to 16 hands in  height the leopard complex is a genetic mechanism   in this breed that allows them to have a spotty  coat however not all nab strippers are visible   they can be solid colored fully  speckled or somewhere in the between   they have a Dalmatian-like appearance in the  horse world.

Marwari Horse Origin

This unusual   breed hails from India’s Marvar region and is  easily distinguished by their inward turning ears  the breed was developed by crossing Arabian  horses with native ponies from the region the   breeds loyalty and bravery on the battlefield have  been well known for generations as Calvary horses.

Norwegian Fjord Horse

The Norwegian fjord is  a strong but compact breed native to Norway’s   hilly regions they’re all done colored  but the breed standard recognizes five   different shade variations they’ve been used  as farm horses in Norway for hundreds of years   and they’re one of the world’s oldest horse breeds.

Orlov Trotter Origin

The Orlov trotter is named from  its hereditary quick trot these horses are well   known for their endurance and speed the orlov  trotter was created in russia in the late 1700s   by count Alexei Orlov and has since become the  most famous of all Russian horse breeds.