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 Side hustles have historically been  spoken of as a way to make some extra cash   but this year they took on an  altogether more urgent quality for many according to a study by Upwork although some  were forced to put their freelance work on pause   this year an incredible 12 percent of the u.s  one workforce started freelancing for the first time  starting a side hustle is a great way to increase  your income pay off your debt save up for big   purchases.

But finding the best side hustle based  on your skills and experience can be quite the   task no matter where you’re from or what you  do for a living thanks to the conveniences   afforded to us by the internet making money is  no longer a constant and never-ending struggle   with the proverbial world at our fingertips as  long as you know how to tap into the vast amount   of opportunities found in the digital ether of  cyberspace you can earn some extra income even  if you’re in a tight bind one start a money  making blog.

Blogging Financial Freedom

if you start a blog this could be   you in a few short years and you will soon enjoy  the financial and personal freedoms of being your   own boss it is such an incredible dream come true  to work for myself from the comfort of our home   we get to set our own hours earn our own income  and not have to answer to the man ever again you   may be wondering how a blog can make you signed  income while you monetize your blog with affiliate   marketing affiliate links are easy to incorporate  into your blog and once they’re on there  you have a passive income lined up.

Become an  online proofreader

you should become a proofreader   this is an eas. online side hustle designed  for people who like to edit or nitpick other   people’s writing like some of us this is one of  our top side hustle ideas to make extra money   if you have the time and some computer skills  you’re all set to get paid this is also a side   hustle people pursue because long term the money  is good and you can work from home you can do a   few hours a week for passive income or even quit  your day job entirely.

Run Facebook advertising  

Did you know there is a huge demand for local  business owners who need help running Facebook ads   it can be hard taking care of a family  business around the clock and try to   join the social media gravy train Facebook  ads are essentially digital marketing and   using social media like this helps an online  business get more traffic and recognition.  

The more they’re seen online the more customers  come their way working for a local companies can   do you a lot of good to owners may share their  experience with other businesses in your area  and more clients will approach you since you  come with recommendations this is a side hustle   you can easily do in your spare time with just a  couple of hours per week those few hours can make   you one thousand dollars to two thousand dollars  per month the best part is that the facebook side   hustle course will teach you literally everything  you need to know for successful digital marketing.  

Teaching English online

we recommend this  job to anyone who has good rap or patience   with kids being a tutor can be a fun job and an  interesting part of your day it sure was for me   plus you don’t need to be a teacher or have any  classroom experience but are required to be an   english speaker with a bachelor’s degree the pay  varies from dollar 14.22 per hour depending on   experience education and performance it’s  a great hourly rate plus you get monthly   incentives to make more money as a tutor.

Become  a freelance writer

Freelance writing means you   can have contracts with multiple companies as  clients more writing means more money for you   you don’t have to start with major brands just  look for job postings for writing positions   start with small businesses looking to add on one  contributor even for local journals or newspapers   don’t be afraid to reach out and get your name  out to local companies you never know what   may fall into your lap by being proactive the  secret to getting gigs is knowing what topics   you should write about just like blogging you  need a niche.

Become an online influencer

Social media has changed the lives of millions of  people including making some lucky ducks rich and   famous some influencers have literally built their  businesses off of a social platform like Instagram   tick tock or a Youtube channel people aren’t  the only ones who have become famous on social   platforms you could create accounts for your  pets your hobbies or anything else in your   life can’t forget about grumpy cat anytime soon  now can we the concept of being an influencer   is the same as affiliates on blogs brands  pay you to showcase their products that’s it   if you’re interested start by reaching out to  smaller brands before approaching the larger ones   sponsorships can be an entry-level introduction  to earning money via social media but with time   some online personas snag sponsorships to the tune  of a full-time income.

Create Online Courses

You have plenty of skills in your portfolio why  not share them with the world and get paid some   teachers and tutors have already created courses  to sell online where they can not only pick the   topic of their lesson they get to decide how to  teach it without the hassle of school roadblocks   course creators have made thousands selling their  lessons online and if you have marketable skills   that others need to learn you are in for a  profitable side job an online course is a   fantastic way to educate others on a particular  topic it helps if you have a blog to sell it   on but you can start selling an online course  strictly through partnering with other people.  

Become a virtual assistant

Become a virtual assistant an assistant  can be the backbone of a whole company which   is why businesses are looking for more virtual  assistants these days there is a huge demand for   virtual assistants pretty much everywhere you can  work at home as an assistant and earn 25 per hour   you can have a few clients on your work  schedule too based on your availability   for client.

You may work a few hours a day and have  flexible hours making this a perfect side hustle   if you’re a stay-at-home mom if you are looking in  the right places you’ll have an easy time securing   clients and offer your services to a variety of  businesses being a virtual assistant will look   different for each client but it will include  supporting business owners and taking on tasks   they don’t have time for examples of services  you can offer as a virtual assistant include   answering emails social media management data  entry scheduling appointments graphics design   writing newsletters creating content etc.

Versatile Freelancing Opportunities

General freelancing you can find work in   a lot of niche areas where you can use your  skills and expertise to make money freelancing   it could be as simple as writing articles do  graphic design for advertisements or websites or   you can get paid to manage social media accounts  another popular freelancing job is becoming a web   designer and doing website upkeep to make sites  more user friendly and keep customers interested   whatever someone might have difficulty with or not  enough time to complete is where you would come in   we have a freelance editor freelance writers and  so do many blogs and companies people pay you to   have work done for them some people have deep  pockets when it comes to freelance work because   they just do not have enough time and want to pay  someone else to do the work.

Take paid surveys

Take paid surveys   taking online paid surveys isn’t a conventional  job that pays an hourly wage but is a great way   of earning money online in your spare time paid  survey sites work by sending market research   surveys out to registered users you’ll complete  your profile so that they know which surveys are   most relevant to you you can then complete these  online surveys in exchange for payment payments   are not usually very high but when completed  regularly can build up.