The Most Interesting Facts About Dubai

The Most Interesting Facts About Dubai

One of the wealthiest of the seven emirates of city of skyscrapers ports and beaches Dubai this city is known for its luxury and extravagance but the culture and history of the city are just as interesting as the man-made monuments like Burj Khalifa and Burj al-Arab this desert city is a relatively crime free place with a lot of golden oil which makes this city heaven for investors.

Some interesting facts makes this city a place to visit Lamborghini Ferrari Aston martin Mercedes are abundant in Dubai in the early 1700s Dubai was just a small fishing village but now this city has one of the highest buildings in the world this is a city of contrast with a myriad of colors and passions which wraps up quite a lot of surprises so let’s fly to the desert city Dubai by having a lot of amazing and strange facts 10 interesting facts about Dubai.

Royal Luxury at Burj Al Arab

The bourgeois hotel one of the costly hotels in Dubai have you ever dreamed about living like royalty well this should hit the spot perched on the 25th floor of the Burj al Arab in Dubai the royal suite is a site for sore eyes built on a man-made island in the Arabian gulf Dubai’s Burj al jumaira was designed to exude luxury in every way with its distinctive shape inspired by sale the hotel incorporates a stunning array of sumptuous materials including over 21 000 square feet of the 24k gold leaf 30 different types of marble custom-made carpets from south Africa and India chandeliers from the uk and locally designed wooden doors if you are thinking to spend a night in this marvelous place twenty four thousand dollars per night is the price so don’t forget your wallet at home.

Palm Islands Marvel

It has a set of islands shaped like a palm tree it’s a big call but Dubai’s palm islands are perhaps one of the country’s boldest mega projects undertaken often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world Dubai’s palm islands are the largest man-made islands in the world unlike other large-scale constructions the island’s foundations were made for millions of tons of blasted rock rather than concrete slabs this rock was sourced from the nearby hajar mountains so much rock and sand were used in the island’s construction that it has been estimated that it could be used to build a two meter wide wall that could encircle the globe three times so if you ever go to Dubai you must visit this dream project of sheikh Muhammad bin Rashid al Maktoum.

Tax-Free Dubai

There is no income tax in Dubai when you take your money to Dubai you will not have to pay any income tax it is well known to attract shopaholics tourists and corporations due to its tax-free structure however it is not as easy as it sounds because you can also spend a lot of money in this beautiful metropolis due to its tax policy Dubai is heaven for investors but of course that does not mean you are exempt from any other obligation to any other state for the payment of tax on foreign earned there are lots of other taxes in the uae so don’t think of saving your money in this amazing city.

Burj Khalifa: Architectural Marvel

The tallest building in the world is located in dubai in the past 20 years architecture and structural engineering has progressed so steeply that soaring skyscrapers have now become a staple feature in many of the world’s largest and wealthiest cities you have probably seen this monumental skyscraper in films ranging from mission impossible to the fast and furious franchise soaring over the city at an impressive 2716 feet the 1.5 billion dollar burj khalifa project was unveiled by dubai’s ruler mohammed bin roshid in january 2010. at the peak of construction more than 12 000 international workers were on site per day logging a collective 22 million man hours during the six years it took to complete the monumental edifice also has one of the fastest elevators in the world which you can take up to the observation deck to enjoy an incredible view of dubai.

Dubai’s Crane Capital

Dubai is said to have the most number of cranes in the world united Arab emirates is famously home to many of these construction cranes and they drive and assist the construction of the global city’s many skyscrapers and high-rise buildings Dubai was once home to almost 25 of the world’s cranes during the height of the property boom many experts note that the alleged high percentage of tower cranes in Dubai is part of a myth but an article published in the wall street journal more accurately reported there to be close to one thousand active tower cranes in Dubai giving the city about one percent of the total world share but whatever the count is the amount of machinery here is really crazy.

Exotic Police Fleet

Dubai has brought in numerous amounts of exotic cars to add to its police force if i told you to imagine a police car you’d probably imagine the generic police cars we’re used to in the united states well throw that image away because the Dubai police cars could not be further from generic in under two months the city managed to establish what is by far the coolest police car fleet in the world like the rest of Dubai superlatives.

This was a recording project completed in record time the force now has a total of 15 sports cars in its fleet according to the lieutenant cole mubarak said director of the tourist police department some of them are the bugatti veyron the lamborghini aventador the super luxury bentley continental and even an aston martin 177 where only 77 aston martin exists in the world so the dubai police have a class.

Dubai’s Cooling Revolution

Everywhere is air conditioned for those of you who hate scorching your feet on hot beach sand the developers of one of Dubai’s latest luxury hotels have the ultimate pampering for you the climate-controlled beach world’s largest air-conditioned city to be built covering 48 million square feet is also there the world’s first temperature-controlled city covering nearly 11 000 acres is planned for the oil-rich city of Dubai but Dubai sheikh has not stopped yet they plan to have a state-of-the-art fully air-conditioned sports stadium the first of its kind in Dubai most of the shopping malls restaurants hotels all the indoor areas are mostly covered by air conditioners so after the cranes maybe Dubai is the place for more air conditioners in one place but it’s not estimated yet.

Dubai’s Foreigner Dominance

Dubai’s population is composed of only 15 percent of native residents the rest are foreigners Dubai’s population is estimated to be around 3.31 million this marks Dubai as having the most populated city in the entire uae but the interesting thing is that 85 percent of its total population are foreigners Dubai has immigrants that travel from all different parts of the world but the majorities stem from east Asian countries such as India 51 and Pakistan 17 many people have moved to the emirate in pursuit of different job opportunities the class divide is big with many of the immigrant workers living and working in horrible conditions after the discovery of oil in 1966 in Dubai this city turned into a hub for foreign workers and builders in 2020 Dubai is considered the second home for many Asian workers.

Rare Rainfall in Dubai

It only rains once or twice a year the united emirates has a desert climate characterized by pleasantly mild winters and very hot sunny summers with the humidity of the Persian gulf that makes the heat unbearable the rains are rare but they occur in the form of showers or downpours which can sometimes be intense rainfall in Dubai is infrequent and does not last for a long period it is estimated that it only rains once or twice a year and mostly rains during the winter period between November and December so Dubai is not the place for those who cannot bear strong heat as we mentioned earlier that air conditioners are everywhere in Dubai but still workers who work in outdoor environments suffer a lot.

Dubai’s Massive Shopping Malls

Dubai is a home to the largest shopping mall in the world when it comes to winning the biggest in the world category Dubai is competing with itself already home to one of the world’s largest malls the city announced plans this week for Dubai square a new mall that will cover 8 million square feet nearly double the size of the Dubai mall Dubai is known for doing everything on a grand scale and the city’s premier shopping mall is no exception.

Dubai mall which is located right beside the world famous Burj Khalifa and the iconic Dubai fountain is the largest in the united Arab emirates and the second largest mall in the world by total land area but now moving to the next record Dubai is making another big mall Dubai square still in process but once completed it will be the world’s biggest mall in the world.