Most Expensive Watches In The World

Most Expensive Watches In The World

World is technology driven expensive mobile phones and gadgets are in trend buying million dollar cars billion dollar house all are everybody’s dream an expensive watch might be included in your dream list a classy timepiece to worn on your wrist can instantly add a touch of elegance to your overall look it is a sign of prestige for the rich and the famous who tend to thoroughly enjoy wearing these to look and feel like absolute royalty don’t you just love expensive watches top 10 most expensive watches in the world.

Vacheron Constantin 57260: Masterpiece Watch

Vacheron constantin 57260 8 million this spectacular piece commissioned by a private client was so complicated to design and build that the process reportedly took a team of master watchmakers eight years the timepiece features an amazing 57 complications however this number is disputed as some believe the watchmaker labels things as complications when it shouldn’t regardless it’s a mind-boggling watch it has a lot of features including world time indication with separate 12 hours and minutes day and day night display golden number indication with 19 year cycle sunset and sunrise indications and a lot more.

Patek Philippe Ref 2523: Record Auction

Patek Philippe ref 2523 eight point nine million dollars offered for auction at christie’s in Hong Kong on 23rd of November this patek philippe ref 2523 sold for hk 70 million 175 thousand dollars just short of 9 million us dollars making it the most expensive wristwatch ever auctioned in asia created in 1953 the full name for this timepiece is the patek philippe gabi milan double signed cures universalis ref 2523 this name is due to this specific watch this watch is the only known ref 2523 that is double signed it’s a dual crowned world time wristwatch it can tell you the time of every time zone at the same time it does this by using the revolutionary world time system.

Landmark Patek Philippe: Ref. 1518

Patek felipe ref 1518 11.1 million dollars the patek felipe ref 1518 was the first of the patek felipe timepieces to combine the chronograph with the perpetual calendar making it the first perpetual calendar chronograph in the world this watch is special cased in high-grade stainless steel the 1518 series is two limited edition and only four watches were created hence why one of these watches sold for 11.1 million dollars at a phillips auction in geneva in 2016 patek felipe is known for creating watches in yellow or rose gold but with this version of the 1518 they went for something different and instead made it in stainless steel that exudes panache.

Paul Newman’s Rolex

Paul newman’s rolex daytona 17.7 million dollars now this is what you call a rare watch the paul newman rolex daytona is a genuine watch lover’s dream come true given to the famous actor by his wife the piece pays tribute to newman’s love of horology and motorsports alike asides from its built-in legacy the expensive hand watch is distinguished by its steadfast movement and unique blackened cream dial it is estimated that only 1 in 20 daytona’s were equipped with the exotic dial because they were originally slow to sell however after mr newman was seen wearing the watch whilst pursuing his racing career the price escalated and was later sold for a handsome figure at auction the timepiece sold for 17.75 million dollars at phillips auction house in new york in 2017.

Billionaire Watch: 18 Million Dollar Marvel

Jacob and co the billionaire watch 18 million dollars jeweler and watchmaker jacob and co like to make timepieces that stand out creating pieces that are original and stand out from the crowd the billionaire watch is their most expensive watch valued at an incredible 18 million dollars this lavish magnificent watch is built of 18 karat white gold and the bracelet of the watch is diamonds set with stones that weigh as much as 3 carats each the timepiece is set with 260 carats of emerald cut diamonds the bold cut enhances the brilliance of the diamonds which are set in an inverted pyramid style wearing this watch will turn a lot of heads and is guaranteed to get the conversation.

Patek Philippe Super Complication

Patek Philippe henry graves super complication 24 million dollars henrik graves super complication which was created for a wealthy american banker of the very same name well henry graves jr to be precise as sophisticated as it is luxurious the stunning piece features no less than 24 complications including a perpetual calendar minute repeater with westminster chimes sunrise and sunset times and a celestial chart based on the night sky above the owner’s home in new york it took three years to design and another five years to assemble the watch and finally deliver it to henry graves on january 19 1933 the piece is beautiful with its case made from 18 karat gold.

Marie Antoinette Watch

The marie antoinette watch 30 million dollars the briguette number 160 watch is more commonly known as the marie antoinette watch or even the queen brimming with distinction in every sense of the word the marie antoinette grande complication pocket watch was commissioned by one of the infamous 18th century french queen’s lovers according to legend the pocket watch took a whopping 40 years to construct as a result both the queen and her lover were long dead by the time the extraordinary timepiece was ready nevertheless we say it was worth the wait it looks like a complex gear system is working continuously and every gear is made of 24k yellow gold.

Patek Philippe Grand Master Chime

Patek fhilippe grandmaster chime ruff 630010 31 million dollars the patek philippe grand master chime holds the record of the most expensive watch ever sold at auction in the world it sold for 31 million dollars in 2019 at the only watched charity auction at christie’s in geneva Switzerland the grand master chime was created especially for only watch and it is the only one that will ever be made in stainless steel there are front and back dials which can be changed via reversible lugs the salmon-colored front dial bears the inscription the only one on the alarm subdial at 12 o’clock petite felipe originally introduced the grand master chime in 2014 in a series of seven pieces to mark its 175th anniversary it is the most complicated watch patek felipe has produced.

Graph Diamonds: Luxury Watch

Graph diamonds the fascination 40 million dollars if you just so happen to have 40 million dollars tucked away in a drawer somewhere and you’re into traditional looking diamonds then this might be the watch for you graph diamonds is a company that has created the most expensive watch that money can buy and one of them is the fascination the watch consists of 152.96 carats of white diamonds the fascination timepiece from Graf’s diamonds is a transformable diamond watch you get a three in one with this timepiece a diamond bracelet a diamond timepiece and a diamond ring a pear-shaped exquisitely rare stone of 38.12 carats is centered and diamond surrounds it.

World’s Most Expensive Watch

Graf diamond’s hallucination 55 million claiming the title of the world’s most expensive watch is the hallucination by Graf diamonds it is made of 110 carat diamond which is very rare and the diamond is designed on a platinum bracelet you can see various shaped diamond including heart shape pear shape marques emerald radiant and round etc and multi-colored diamonds as well this rainbow colored timepiece is more about the diamonds than the watch movement.

Which is made of an accurate and low maintenance quartz movement the hallucination is a one-of-a-kind statement piece that pushes the boundaries of horlogerie to their most extreme the piece made its debut and basil world in 2014 well there you have it we hope you enjoyed watching these expensive watches we mentioned on the list there’s a high level of skilled craftsmanship that is required to give a wristwatch the grace that it truly deserves while some wristwatches have a historical significance others are exquisitely enrobed in luxurious diamonds which of these watches.