Moroccan Interior Design On A Budget: 8 Tips

Moroccan Interior Design On A Budget: 8 Tips

Moroccan interior design expresses diverse history, rich culture, and exotic style. It can easily find a place in any home, no matter the house’s architectural style. Featuring bold colors, intricate patterns, and natural materials, Moroccan design can bring a flair to your home. If you want to decorate your house in Moroccan style on a budget and don’t know what to do, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we are going to give you 8 tips on exactly how you can give your house the look of a riad on budget.

Bold colors make a statement

The rich culture of the country inspires the Moroccan interior to make a statement with bold colors. Due to the natural neutral backdrop of the country’s geolocation, ocean hues and other brilliant color tones are widely used. You will often see dark to light shades of blue, red, orange, yellow, and green being widely used with a neutral backdrop. You can use paints, tiles, fabric, and even furniture in these colors to achieve a Moroccan theme. Ideally, your neutral setting should be complemented by tapestries, rugs, tiles, and fabrics in these bold shades to add a pop of color. This should be your budget-friendly way of adding a Marrakesh touch to your space.

Rugs, rugs, and more rugs

Other than Persia, Morocco is also known for its rugs, which are an integral part of its interior design. If you ever get a chance to visit a riad, you will see plenty of rugs layered over each other. These are used to create a cozy atmosphere. To create a Moroccan interior design, you need rugs with abstract and geometric patterns. The rugs should also have bold colors to match the entire theme of the space. Finding authentic Moroccan rugs can be difficult and they can also be costly in some regions. You can use sisal or jute rugs as budget-friendly alternatives. They have also been traditionally used in the Moroccan interior.

Patterns in everything

Another salient feature of Moroccan design is the use of patterns. You can find patterns in pretty much everything Moroccan. The tiles, fabrics, rugs, wall paints, utensils, decoration pieces, everything has intricate geometric and abstract patterns. If you plan on getting new tiles, tapestries, rugs, curtains, and pillow covers, just pick the ones with the best patterns and bold colors. Patterns are important but you don’t have to pick expensive things. As long as the items you are choosing have beautiful intricate patterns in ocean or desert hues. This will instantly give your House Interior Design a Moroccan vibe and that too on a budget.

Lanterns and lighting

To create a perfect riad atmosphere, you need to invest in the right lighting and lanterns. These are some of the defining features of Moroccan interior design. Moroccan lanterns are intricately designed and are usually very cheap. You can find them in antique, and export goods shops. These lanterns cast a beautiful shadow on their surroundings because of their unique patterns. You can buy them at a cheap price and hang clusters of them in either the center or a corner of the room. These lanterns immediately turn your room into a riad and give a beautiful touch to your house.

Truly moroccan furniture setting

If you’re revamping your house to Moroccan style and buying new furniture, then invest in a down-to-earth sitting. You can buy low-seat sofas and if you find them expensive, you can also DIY them. Once you have made the frame of your sofa, just cover your mattress with neutral sheets. Then add lots of pillows with bold colors and intricate patterns to further enhance the riad vibe. If you want to do things on a budget, then you can add multiple poufs and large floor cushions, as these are very cheap. This will make your space look like an authentic traditional Moroccan home. To further compliment your furniture, arrange it in a circular setting.

Nature is the material of choice

Nature is also important in Moroccan interior design. By incorporating natural materials in the décor, you can create a Marrakesh look without spending a lot of money. You can do this by bringing in plants. Your choice of potter matters here, so you can use macrame plant hangers or ceramic potters with unique patterns. You can also use materials like bamboo and tapestries in wall decoration. Another natural material that tops everything else is stone. You can use stone sculptures as decorations, or various stones as a decorative collection. Last but not the least, you can also use wood in its natural texture for a beautiful look. You can leave the edges of your wooden furniture exposed, and you will see how it improves the overall look of your place. The best thing here is that all of these materials and their usage in décor are quite inexpensive.

Handmade decor is at the heart

The Moroccan interior is marked with various handmade decorations as they hold a cultural significance in the style. You can see all riads have one or some other type of handmade decorations that enhance the beauty of the space. Ceramic pots, vases, and planters are some examples. To keep things on a budget, you can use beaded decor in doorways, as separators, and even as curtains. These long, beaded strings are very cheap and can be found at any cultural store. You can also use macrame plant hangers, curtains, and wall hangings, such as the dream catcher. Last but not the least, handmade lanterns and teapots are also a great and cost-effective way of adding Moroccan charm to your home.

This is just the beginning because there are a lot of ways in which you can implement Moroccan interior design in your house without spending a lot of money. So get inspired by our ideas, put your imagination to work, and craft your own Moroccan-style abode.

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