Look of the Week: Katy Perry reinvigorates the naked dress trend
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Look of the Week: Katy Perry reinvigorates the naked dress trend

On Sunday, Anna Wintour and her team unveiled the third edition of Vogue World at Place Vendôme in Paris, this one celebrating French naked dress trend fashion and sport for the upcoming Olympics Games.

Before the city’s high-end fashion shows, well-known individuals – along with ticket holders willing to spend a lot of money for a spot – gathered in the stone-covered square to observe a themed fashion show highlighting the century between the previous Paris Olympics in 1924 and present day. Different sports were matched with specific eras, with performers recreating the precise movements of fencing in the 1960s or gymnastics in the 1970s, while models walked beside them in similar outfits.

Katy Perry’s Gown

This was not a catwalk filled with leggings and track shorts. Katy Perry surprised everyone by wearing an archived Noir Kei Ninomiya cut-out gown for the 1980s martial arts theme section.

Made entirely from intricately interlocked leather petals, with a voluminous tulle flower skirt, Perry’s attire resembled a work of geometry rather than physical education. “It’s the initial moment I’ve ever taken steps,” she murmured on camera in an Instagram story shared prior to her appearance. I have experienced walking in life before. Just as I stroll daily, however… It’s high fashion.

The popularity of naked dresses has been steadily increasing recently. A growing number of celebrities, including Elle Fanning, Kim Kardashian, and Doja Cat at the Met Gala and Charlize Theron, Jennifer Lawrence, and Florence Pugh at the Oscars, have been sporting full frontal looks. Perry’s dress revealed more skin than a skirt, with the leather designs covering only a small portion of her torso. In contrast, most nude gowns use flesh-colored mesh or crystal netting to gently suggest nudity.

Perry wasn’t the only famous person toying with the idea of going nude. Jared Leto too showed up at Vogue World wearing a black pair of underwear and a translucent sleeveless tunic. His red-dip fingers, black patent riding boots, and necklace featuring a wooden stake transformed into a cross completed his ensemble. Although women wearing transparent gowns have led the trend thus far, the desire to wear less displays sheer confidence, which is of course not gender-specific.