An Informative Guide About KickAss Torrents

An Informative Guide About KickAss Torrents

Since we all know about torrenting on the internet. We must tell you that it is the fastest way to transfer files more conveniently. However, sharing and downloading copyright material is illegal. Which leads to many sites’ suspension. The people who provide such torrent and related services lie in the gray area. Similarly, people ask about the KickAss torrents. One of the most popular websites in the past. You have several alternate options, including PirateBay. Which is quite famous nowadays. However, it is difficult to remove the suspension from the KickAss torrent site.

KickAss Torrents

KickAss torrent, formerly famous with the name KAT. Moreover, it was the website used for torrent download purposes. This site provides more flexibility to users. By allowing them to download copyright material without any cost. Furthermore, this will increase the number of visitors to their platform. Additionally, millions of people will visit KickAss daily. Due to the copyright claims, the US government removed this site. The KickAss torrents claim that they are now not providing such copyright content. After recovering their website. But the US government still does not allow them to operate their site. That’s why it is still banned.

Seized Servers of KickAss Torrent

In July 2016 the US government took action. It was against a KickAss torrent and seized their servers. This decision was consider after 2 years of investigation. Along with filing of the criminal case against Valin by the US Department of Justice. Various other countries, including Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Portugal, and Malaysia. Moreover, these countries also banned the several mirror domains of the KickAss torrent. Due to the huge popularity in the past. Many people still visit their site using several VPNs and other devices. The platform of KickAss torrent also diverts them. To the other torrent websites from there.

Alternate KickAss Torrents Site

After the legal action against the KickAss torrents. Several other sites like Pirate Bay and Extra Torrent got more publicity. A huge number of people shift to those sites and fulfill their requirements. On the other hand, many of these websites face issues. And have capture down by the government several times. Due to many lawsuits and open investigations. Torrent websites are also pretty difficult to operate nowadays. This trend is increasing and also increases the fear among consumers. It is also a warning for many visitors to avoid copyrighted material.


Torrenting is quite popular in today’s time. The fast spread of the internet in different parts of the world also makes various users active. Also, when a thing like torrenting comes into the market. Which provides every material with zero cost, many people start running for it. However, legal actions are also taken daily. To stop any illegal activity of these torrent sites. This article will also discuss one of the most famous sites.  KickAss torrent, with millions of users taken down in 2016 against a copyright claim. Now there is no chance left for this website to recover in the future.

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