Google Search Update March 2024: Easy to understand
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Google Search Update March 2024: Easy to understand

In 5 March 2024 Google implemented an update, to its search algorithm with the goal of improving search result quality and addressing forms of online abuse. This update, known as the March 2024 Update brings about changes that impact how websites are ranked and SEO strategies are approached. Lets take a look at this update and what it means for website owners and SEO professionals.

Three Update

The March 2024 Update consists of three parts. The Broadcore Update, Helpful Content Update and Spam Update. Each part focuses on aspects like content quality, user experience and website integrity in the realm of searches.

Broadcore Update: The Broadcore Update is the first of Googles core updates for 2024. It aims to prioritize content and reduce the presence of manipulative content. This shift signifies a change, in how Google ranks web pages by emphasizing user content. Websites that provide value to users are likely to see rankings while those relying on AI generated or keyword heavy content may face penalties.

Helpful Content Update: The Helpful Content Update, although not an update, on its own plays a role in Googles ranking system. It includes assessing content as part of the ranking factor guaranteeing that websites always offer useful information to users. This change reflects Googles dedication to promoting top notch content on its search platform with ongoing updates focused on improving the standards for what qualifies, as content.

Spam Update: The recent Spam Update, by Google targets three types of misconduct found in the world; Scaled Content Abuse, Site Reputation Abuse and Expired Domain Abuse. Google is taking action against websites that engage in these behaviors such as posting low quality content using their brand reputation for unrelated subjects and misusing expired domains for manipulating backlinks. By penalizing actions Google aims to maintain the credibility of its search results and safeguard users from encountering misleading websites. Google says

Impact on Website Owners and SEO Professionals

The March 2024 Update carries implications for both website owners and SEO experts. Those who focus on creating content for users are likely to experience outcomes, including potential improvements in search rankings and organic traffic. Conversely websites that resort to strategies or produce content may face penalties and a decrease in visibility within search results.

Adapting to the Changes

Following these changes individuals managing websites and SEO experts need to adjust their approaches to match Googles changing algorithm. This involves prioritizing the development of pertinent content that caters to the requirements and preferences of their specific audience. Moreover keeping up, to date with industry norms and adhering to Googles rules can reduce the likelihood of facing penalties and uphold an presence.


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