15 Resources and Virtual Tools for Teaching Math Online

15 Resources and Virtual Tools for Teaching Math Online

Teaching math online can be a challenge, but there are numerous resources and virtual tools available to make it easier. These tools can help to create engaging and interactive lessons that can keep students engaged and motivated to learn.

Here are some of the top resources and virtual tools for teaching math online:

Khan Academy:

This is a free, non-profit educational website that provides a comprehensive library of math lessons, videos, and practice exercises. The website covers all K-12 math topics and includes interactive tools to help students understand complex concepts.


Desmos is a free, online graphing calculator that can be used to visualize mathematical concepts. It has a user-friendly interface that allows teachers to create interactive activities and quizzes that students can complete on their own.


GeoGebra is a free, online tool for learning and teaching mathematics. It offers a range of tools for geometry, algebra, spreadsheets, graphing, and calculus. Teachers can use the tool to create interactive lessons and activities for students.


Mathway is a powerful online math problem solver that can help students find answers to a wide range of mathematical problems. The tool can solve equations, simplify expressions, and provide step-by-step solutions to help students understand the concepts they are learning.

Casio emulator

An emulator enables the students to address their inquiries during virtual instruction sessions. It mimics the exact functionality and interface of the real Casio calculator in ClassIn, enabling students to investigate all potential solutions to their questions.


OpenEd is an online resource library that provides a wealth of engaging and interactive resources for math teachers. The site has a wide range of lessons, activities, and assessments, covering all K-12 math topics.

The geometric board

The geometric board These boards offer instructors the ability to teach geometric principles with ease and efficiency. The online geometry tool assists learners in constructing geometric figures, including points, angles, lines, circles, and polygons.


edX offers a wide selection of over 3,500 free courses, ranging from prestigious institutions such as Harvard, Berkeley, MIT, Cornell, Dartmouth, and many others. It is an excellent educational platform for students in grades 6-12 who are looking to learn math.

Prodigy Math Game

This game seeks to provide a fun and engaging method of teaching mathematics, while making sure your child/student is learning the right things. It allows teachers or parents to watch video lessons, set goals, change grade level, monitor their progress against their peers, and oversee the questions their student or child is struggling with. It allows for simplified progress tracking. The game offers a basic, free edition or for a modest fee of $6.25-$8.33 per month, an upgraded version can be purchased.

Wolfram MathWorld

Wolfram MathWorld is a comprehensive, free online resource for mathematics, featuring interactive GIFs and demonstrations, downloadable notebooks, and concise descriptions of mathematical terms. Students can use the site’s vast library of content – more than 13,000 entries – to help bolster their math knowledge and expand their understanding.

ABC Mouse

ABC Mouse is a renowned and exemplary educational app, boasting 10,000+ activities and mobile learning. It provides an excellent online learning experience, teaching reading, math, counting, science and more to children aged 2-8. An ideal starting point for introducing mathematics to young learners.

Math Planet

Math Planet is an online platform offering free education in mathematics for high school level students. Their available courses include Pre-algebra, Algebra 1, Algebra 2, and Geometry. We have also prepared practice tests for the SAT and ACT, in line with the US high school curriculum. However, the universality of mathematics means that Math Planet is open to everyone, regardless of geographical location, to explore and study mathematics at no cost.

Illustrative Mathematics

Illustrative Mathematics This problem-centric program is designed to promote learning through alignment with content and practice standards. Students are taught to improve their understanding of mathematics through problem-solving and argumentation. Teachers can also provide learning support with powerful, targeted routines to help students learn. This program is available for grade levels 6-8.

Ruler tools

Ruler tools This tool facilitates accurate measurement to meet the set criteria. It enables instructors and students to comprehend measurement concepts with precision. The rulers make it effortless to draw shapes during virtual sessions.

Art Of Problem Solving

Art Of Problem Solving provides students with multiple pathways to obtain assistance and resources concerning mathematics. The Online School allows students to take extra math courses, and the AoPS Bookstore offers many different books on the subject. Students can also explore the subject further. What teachers like about this service is the number of opportunities for students to challenge themselves and learn more about math topics, through games, articles, and message boards. It is suitable for students ranging from grade two to grade twelve.

How to become an online math tutor?

In order to be successful in teaching mathematics online, thorough research is the first step. After gaining the necessary knowledge to teach math competently, it is time to explore the various online tutoring platforms and find the best one that will work best for you.

When choosing an online tutoring platform, it is important to consider its ease of use, flexibility, and payment structures. Promoting and advertising your service is also key; look for platforms that will effectively display your portfolio. A successful ad campaign can result in more students.


In conclusion, these are some of the top resources and virtual tools for teaching math online. They can help to create interactive and engaging lessons that keep students motivated to learn. By using these tools, teachers can make online math learning more accessible and effective for students of all ages and abilities.

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