Some Exciting Information About Yeonmi Park Husband & Personal Life
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Some Exciting Information About Yeonmi Park Husband & Personal Life

Ark Yeonmi, also known as Yeonmi Park, famous for a breathless speech at the One Young World 2014 Summit conducted in Dublin. Further, she explained her heartrending journey of changing into a North Korean defector, so as words, finding her thanks to freedom. Yeonmi, who spent her youth until age thirteen in Hyesan, Ryanggang Province of North Korea, was born on four October 1993. The North Korean wrongdoer survived alarming expertise alongside her family in escaping from her country. In this article, we discuss all details related to who is Yeonmi Park’s husband.

Who is Yeonmi Park’s Husband?

The human rights advocate, Yeonmi Park, is active in the media thanks to her frequent appearances on social sites and interviews. Park walked down the aisle with an American self-addressed as Ezekiel. Yeonmi Park was married on January 4, 2017.

Yeonmi Park officially declared the end of her marriage on Facebook after three years of their wedding. Time flies too quickly. Moreover, the couple shares a stunning son, James, who completes 3 years of maturity in 2021. There’s not a lot of data on Yeonmi Park’s husband as he prefers a personal life.

What Caused Yeonmi Park and Ezekiel to Separate Up?

Yeonmi hasn’t spoken much concerning her reference to Ezekiel, who continues to appear on her Instagram page. On January thirty, 2021, she disclosed the divorce on her YouTube posts. Yeonmi revealed a live stream video titled. Let’s Talk About Lies – North Korean defector. Furthermore, on the video’s question related to wedding, Yeonmi Park officially announced she is no more married to Ezekiel.

Yeonmi and Ezekiel’s kid

Yeonmi has a baby together with her ex, James. On October eight, 2018, she declared the birth of her son. Further, Yeonmi deleted her post from the internet. However, she still shared it on her official Twitter page: Life is a marvel. I’d endure starving and become the mother of this attractive angel. 

Allow us to not surrender hope, notwithstanding what. Her son James was born on March 18, 2018. This suggests she is going to flip four years in 2022. Undoubtedly, Ezekiel Park isn’t any longer Yeonmi Park’s husband, as she discovered in the YouTube video.

Yeonmi Park’s Activism and Critical Reception

After escaping, Park overtly wrote and spoke concerning her life in North Korea for the Washington Post. She interviewed with The Guardian and the Australian public affairs show Dateline. Yeonmi volunteers for such policy programs because the Freedom works corporation is a free-market company in the Republic of Korea. 

Moreover, Yeonmi has become a member of Link. This U.S. noncommercial organization rescues North Korean refugees’ concealment in China and resettles them in South Korea and USA. Along with job Yank and Seongmin Lee, Park was participating in several live sessions, labs, and educational conferences related to the condition in North Korea. Park taught them that Link would support North Korean refugees.

Yeonmi Park Quick Facts

  • Yeonmi studied at Columbia. She cited her education as brainwashing lessons attributable to gender-neutral pronouns.
  • She was born in North Korea. However,holds USA citizenship as well.
  • Her was sent to Chungsan Reeducation camp by outlawing trading in 2002.
  • Park’s father’s expulsion from the Korean worker’s party and their loss of income-led Park’s sisters to quit college.
  • Yeonmi Park suffered a chronic case of pellagra attributable to a deficiency disease. She had devoured dragonflies and cicadas.

Final Thoughts

Yeonmi Park has not, nevertheless, tied the knot. Yeonmi married once before. However, that was a protracted time ago. She and Ezekiel had changed vows. On January four, 2017, their beloved ones and friends changed vows and became Yeonmi Park’s husbands.

The stunning couple even had a baby along, a cute, very little boy. They had a beautiful wedding and had no plans to divorce. Yeonmi Park has summoned a calculable web value of $2 million. She makes huge chunks by giving life psychological feature speeches. Undoubtedly Yeonmi amasses a powerful following from her primary career as an individual rights activist.

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