Woman discovered breathing at a funeral home is thought to have died.

Woman discovered breathing at a funeral home is thought to have died.

Authorities in Nebraska reported on Monday that a 74-year-old lady who was reportedly receiving hospice care when she passed away was discovered to be breathing after being taken to a funeral home.

As per the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, the woman was taken to the Butherus-Maser & Love Funeral Home in Lincoln on Monday morning after being pronounced dead  at approximately 9:44 a.m. local time at a nursing home.

According to Lancaster County Chief Deputy Ben Houchin, employees of the funeral home “instantly called 911” at approximately 11:44 a.m. when they saw the woman was breathing.

The woman, who was identified by the police as Constance Glantz of Lincoln, was given CPR by funeral home staff and taken to a nearby hospital, where she is still alive, according to Houchin. He stated her family has been informed.

Houchin stated, “It’s a very unusual case,” on Monday at a press briefing. “Been doing this 31 years and nothing like this has ever gotten to this point before.”

Houchin explained that since the woman’s death was expected and there were no signs of foul play, the nursing home was not required to inform the coroner or local authorities when she passed away. Read more about the incident: Woman mistakenly declared deceased found breathing inside a body bag at the funeral home.

Houchin confirmed that the sheriff’s office is currently conducting an investigation, but there are no pending criminal charges at this time.

Houchin mentioned that, so far, no criminal intent has been discovered at the nursing home, but the investigation is still in progress.