Ways You can Protect the Environment
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Ways You can Protect the Environment

Humans have a lengthy history of mistreating the earth’s resources we must all work toward a more environmentally friendly lifestyle for the sake of our children and future generations the damage we bring to the ecosystem is mostly due to the way we consume things what we eat how much we consume and how often we consume the good news is is that being more ecologically friendly doesn’t have to be difficult expensive or inconvenient it could be a fun task to do with your family or co-workers small individual changes may appear minor but consider how much cleaner the world top 10 ways you can protect the environment.

Energy-Saving Tips

Conserve electricity as you may expect we’re big fans of this form of environmental protection it’s always a victory for the environment when you can use less electricity try some of these simple energy saving tips for your home replace incandescent bulbs with cfls or leds which are more energy efficient use smart power trips to turnoff the electricity to electronics that aren’t in use alternatively when goods aren’t in use simply unplug power cords from the wall use a smart or programmed thermostat maintain your hvac system heating ventilation and air conditioning when it’s time to replace an appliance look for one that is energy star certified air leaks around doors and windows should be sealed ascertain that your home is suitably insulated to the recommended heat resistance our value for your location use ceiling fans to circulate warm air in the winter and cold air in the summer.

Consumer Power: Sustainable Spending

Use your purchasing power for good the advantage of being a consumer is that we have control over where we spend our hard-earned money consider your money to be your voice and vote for a better environment spend money carefully on items services and experiences that have a lower environmental impact choose to do business with firms that support sustainability efforts use renewable energy sources and demonstrate environmental stewardship if enough people use their purchasing power for the greater good of the planet a demand for sustainable practices will emerge business must either comply or risk being left behind.

Water Conservation Tips

Use less water saving water at home is one of the most basic ways to protect the environment consider all of the times you drink water both inside and outside of your home to conserve water as an example consider the following turn off the water supply while brushing your teeth inspect your home for any dripping faucets installing low flow toilets and efficient shower heads as well as aerating faucets and using sprinklers that restrict runoff are all options to save water in your home rainwater may be collected and used to water your plants consider shaving a few minutes off your shower time if you don’t really need it on that specific day when your dishwasher and washer are both completely stopped that’s when you should only use them the possibilities are only limited by your imagination when it comes to water conservation.

Reduce Carbon Emissions

Walk bike or carpool according to the u.s environmental protection agency epa an average passenger vehicle emits 4.6 tons of co2 each year any savings in this area would be excellent instead of driving taking a short walk or a bike ride is a terrific way to get some exercise without ever having to step foot in a gym consider carpooling with a friend neighbor or co-worker if walking or riding a bike to your destination isn’t an option if you must drive schedule your errands in the most efficient manner possible to save time and petrol.

Embrace Sustainable Shopping

Shop secondhand there are approximately 700 gallons of water needed to cultivate enough cotton for just one basic t-shirt shop at a thrift store or vintage shop first instead of the mall or try swapping clothing with friends instead of purchasing new ones you don’t have to waste important resources on buying new clothes when you may revitalize your existing collection other types of consumer items such as children’s games and toys and shoes appliances and furniture may also be purchased second hand.

Smart Recycling Practices

Recycle properly recycling if you can’t reject it rot it reproduce it up cycle it or somehow use it make sure you know what you can and can’t recycle at home a whole load of recyclables might be rejected if incorrect things are thrown into the recycling container you can also find out how to recycle electronics batteries and other equipment with a simple internet search if you live in an area where there are drop-off facilities make an attempt to get rid of your unwanted goods there.

Creative Upcycling: Transforming Waste into Treasures

Upcycle more upcycling is simply turning garbage into treasure so be creative with your unwanted or worthless goods when you create something new it’s both rewarding and a great way to help the environment if you don’t buy new products you won’t have to make them which takes a lot of resources to accomplish first go through your recycling bin to see if there are any items you can use to inspire your child’s creative juices.

Embrace Reusable Alternatives

Choose reusable over single use consider how many people you observe drinking from disposable cups or bottles sipping from plastic straws carrying disposable shopping bags eating from disposable plates or containers and using disposable cutlery on a daily basis all of that single-use plastic debris has only one home our land seas and marine life each of the items mentioned as well as a host of others have environmentally friendly alternatives replace single-use items with reusable alternatives as a consequence you’ll have less trash piled up at your curb and will be helping the environment significantly.

Underrated Environmental Impact: Compost Rot

Compost rot is another r that receives little attention yet has significant environmental repercussions instead of dumping food and yard trash consider allowing them to decompose naturally in the soil a more precise term is compost in addition to helping the environment composting your food scraps and yard waste provides you with free high quality soil for your garden organic garbage is being collected alongside ordinary trash and recycling in several locations if you don’t live in an area where this service is available you can still set up a backyard compost pile.

Embracing Reject: Green Living’s Overlooked Key

Consume less consumption reduction can have a significant environmental impact the three rs reduce reuse and recycle get a lot of attention but reject is the most underappreciated and underappreciated r on the planet when you don’t want to do anything you must say no which is not always easy none of them are required whether they are a gift at a trade fair or a discounted item from an online merchant.

Most of the time they wind up in the trash or forgotten in the back of a closet if you’re thinking about buying or accepting something non-essential ask yourself if you actually need it if this is the case it’s quite acceptable to just respond no thank you avoiding pointless purchases can help you save money while also reducing clutter in your home for a variety of reasons an increasing number of people are opting to go green by organic and protect the environment as a whole green living choices can improve your quality of life save you.