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Switzerland is no doubt the heaven on earth Switzerland is well known throughout the world for its picturesque landscapes you can see a little piece of history and a little bit of the beauty of nature everywhere you look Switzerland is known for having beautiful scenery in abundance therefore it isn’t easy to choose which places we absolutely must visit am i right okay do you want to know about the places you must visit in Switzerland. Switzerland is a year-round travel destination so visiting it all would require numerous trips here though is our pick of the best five sites to visit in Switzerland assuming you don’t have a decade to travel the whole nation.

Zurich: Old and New

the largest city in Switzerland is stunning at once old and new sophisticated and artistic the lamotte river divides Zurich which lake Zurich encircles imagine the mesmerizing view Zurich is home to some of Switzerland’s top museums and bonhoef straws which is appropriately referred to as the world’s most valuable shopping strip well if you ever visit spend most of your time in the yell stat often known as the old town and try to eat at least one traditional meal at a restaurant inside a former guild hall from the middle ages you will enjoy it this is where many tours of Switzerland begin or end because of the city’s flawless connections to the rest of the nation and Europe via the incredibly effective swiss rail system.

Lucerne: Alpine Charm

Lucerne on the top floor we have the most beautiful place Lucerne imagine a mountainous area enclosing a brilliant blue lake a historic old town devoid of automobiles covered crossings waterfront promenades frescoed old structures and sun-drenched plazas with bubbling fountains it makes sense why Lucerne is a popular tourist attraction like so many other swiss cities beautiful walkable Lucerne is situated in a stunning environment this time unlike Lucerne with the mountains in the background just imagine the scenery one of Switzerland’s most popular tourist attractions is the wooden chapel bridge from the 14th century and Lucerne’s medieval ostalt old town retains much of its original appearance the most famous museum the cutting edge swiss museum of transport is also located in Lucerne.

Swiss National Park: Nature Paradise

swiss national park is the best place for nature lovers yes we realize it’s shocking but we guarantee it’s a good surprise there is only one national park in Switzerland the 172 square kilometer swiss national park in the mountains is in overdrive an environment spectacle of high plains forests wildflower flecked grasslands waterfalls jewel colored lakes and mountain ranges as high as the clouds where ibex camoys deer and golden eagles wander and fly free isn’t it a fairy tale scenario the park is tucked away in a remote area of the country southeast near the border with Italy here wildlife is in charge and human involvement is kept to a minimum for conservation some have referred to it as canada in miniature which we can understand their logic why do you want to picture yourself somewhere else if you’re already living in a fairy tale.

Interlaken: Swiss Summer Paradise

One of Switzerland’s most well-liked summer vacation destinations is Interlaken which is tucked between lake Thune to the west and lake Brienne’s to the east Switzerland is undoubtedly a gorgeous country but this location is truly magical around the major road with breathtaking mountain views are flower beds restaurants and cafes the peaks of manch and which loom above the town offer fantastic options for mountain adventures the main activities include climbing hiking ab sailing and paddling.

Rhine Falls Experience

The Rhine falls in Schaffhausen is the most significant in central Europe extending 150 meters it is specifically situated halfway between the cantons of Schaffhausen and Zurich the most famous sites of the falls are available to visitors through boat rides there are also viewing areas where you can stand without having to board a boat these viewing platforms which extend rather near to the water have been constructed on both sides of the falls a visit is worthwhile if you have already planned to visit this fantastic location which is lovely if not i strongly advise that you do so i guarantee you’ll think you’re part of a fantastical universe due to the high water levels may and june are the best months to see the falls.