Top 5 Most Expensive Alcohol Drinks In The World

Top 5 Most Expensive Alcohol Drinks In The World

Alcoholic drinks whether it be champagne wine scotch whiskey or brandy all come with some chipping effect on the budget but the world is brimming with aficionados who are ready to throw easy go money into the exciting sips of alcoholic drinks alcoholic beverage companies like Boston beer constellation brands and Hoosier bush in bev diago brown foreman and Molson Coors beverage suffered a volatile period in amid the coronavirus crisis however as the economic recovery begins and restaurants and travel spots open these companies are set to see huge profits in the coming months stay tuned as we talk about the top five luxury alcohol drinks.

Rare Glenn Fittich 50-Year-Old Sold

Glenn Fittich 50 50-year-old single malt scotch whiskey at an Eilenberg auction a single malt that has been aged for more than six decades sold for 37 245 dollars the bottle was purchased over the phone by an unknown customer according to host boneham’s catalog and is one of 62 created by the Glenn fit tick distillery the Glenn fit tick 50 year old one of William grant and sun’s rarest Glenn fit tick expressions is currently available at the Leela kompinsky Gurgaon’s Rubicon bar.

Last July peter Gordon the current chairman and fifth generation grandson of the distillery’s founder william grant released the glenn footage 50 year old at a private event at the glenn footage distillery in dufftown Scotland this limited edition whiskey will be released in batches of 50 bottles over the following 10 years on the hotel’s premises glenfitting 50 y0 which was bought for 10 000 pounds will retail for rs 60 000 per dram or rs 11 lock for the bottle.

McCollum 1926 Cask 263: Rare Bottles

1926 McCollum fine and rare collection cask number 263 distilled in 1926 and bottled in 1986. vintage slip labels somewhat scuffed russian importers slip label on the top of the capsule the mccallen has confirmed the bottle’s unique code eh742b as well as other details about its look the 700 milliliter bottle format has also been confirmed.

Two bottles from cask 263 were auctioned off without labels the first in 2001 and the second in 2002 both at mctears and Glasgow one of the two unlabeled bottles was hand painted by Irish artist Michael Dillon with Dylan’s brush strokes immortalizing McCollum’s own Easter elites house on the bottle this bottle was sold for a world record price in 2018. the other unmarked bottle has yet to be found as a result the reasonable assumption is that the distinctive fine and rare labels could only be applied to a maximum of 14 bottles.

Record-Breaking Scotch

62 year old Dalmore scotch whiskey after a Chinese buyer paid 125 000 euros for the final remaining dalmore 62 bottle at Singapore’s Changi airport it has now become the most expensive bottle of scotch whiskey ever sold it is one of 12 62’s released from master distiller Richard Patterson’s personal collection and it smashes the previous record for a bottle of whiskey which was sent earlier this year when 120 000 euros was paid for the last dalmore 64 at herd’s before being decanted into a crystal bottle with a handcrafted platinum stag’s head.

The rare whiskey was donated to the airport the dalmore 62 cost 25 000 euros when it was first released in 2002. at the time it was the most expensive whiskey ever sold at auction another bottle of whiskey sold for 32 000 euros at the penny hill park hotel in siri with practically the entire bottle consumed in one sitting by the buyer.

Cognac’s Million-Pound Masterpiece

henry iv do dogman heritage cognac beer is wonderful and whiskey is more convenient but cognac is the ultimate indulgence especially when it is said to be the most costly in the world henry iv do dogman heritage dubbed cognac’s dna comes in a beautiful bottle it has been produced since 1776 and has been matured in barrels for almost 100 years.

The whiskey is bottled in a bottle dipped in 24k yellow gold and sterling platinum and embellished with 6500 certified brilliant cut diamonds and is exorbitantly priced at one million pounds sterling it is loaded with a hundred cl of dodognan heritage cognac Grande champagne which has an alcoholic concentration of 41 percent and weighs around 8 kilograms jose de valos a well-known jeweler masterfully fashioned this glittering package the world’s one and only cognac bottle worth a million pounds sterling this bottle is regarded as the most opulent and costly in the world.

Ultimate Luxury Tequila

Tequila lay 125 diamante they created an artistic bottle of 3.725 kilos of 925 pure platinum and 4100 diamonds for an astonishing total of 328.59 carats dubbed lei del diamante to give such a symbolic beverage the importance and value it deserves it took 17 Mexican artisans and artists 10 months to complete from design to completion involving the effort of 17 Mexican artisans and artists 3 ceramists 10 jewelers for the platinum covering and 4 diamond mounters and weighing close to 18 pounds the tequila is exceptionally matured with a unique blend of 3 6 and 9 year old white oak barrels 100 agave and 42 alcohol 84 proof from the company’s own los altos de Jalisco plantations.

The bottle contains 1.345 liters of lei 925 tequila which will be flown to a los cabos on a private jet and escorted to the grand Veylas resort where it will be displayed and opened for the first time berlin Hong Kong Madrid London Moscow and Paris are just a few of the cities where the bottle has been displayed some prefer it plain while others prefer it combined either way the world of alcoholic beverages is an intriguing and full of experiments some of the beverages prepared by mixologists are unusual one-of-a-kind and expensive.