Top 5 Fun and Interesting Fun Facts about Thailand

Top 5 Fun and Interesting Fun Facts about Thailand

Thailand is one of the most beautiful places in the world this country of Southeast Asia is home to approximately 70 million people who are a diverse group of people the culture in this country ranges from Hinduism and Buddhism to animism from the moon to the Thai Burmese and Chinese from Hill tribes to the urbanites and from Muslims to Christians if you have been wondering what makes this country so unique so that you can learn some new things so here are the top 5 fun and interesting facts about Thailand that you must know.

Thailand’s Water Festival

Thailand’s new year celebrated all over the region from April 12th to 15th even though some New Year’s traditions are very serious the most well-known is water play a water fight between local residents tourists Rich poor children and old the water fight grew out of the water blessing a Buddhist good luck right that rinses away the Rocks they hold here in a symbolic way to get ready for the new it’s the most fun time to visit Thailand as long as you don’t care about getting wet fact.

Thailand: Orchid Exporter

The largest exporter of orchards the orchard is the Thai national flower if you like unusual flowers you’ll be pleased to learn that the country has 1 500 various types of orchids this gorgeous exotic Blossom can be seen in many locations like shopping centers temples marketplaces and events they grow very quickly in the jungles and Woodlands of Thailand and you might even encounter them on the other side of the road also the nation is the largest exporter of orchards in the world about 45 of the Orchards grown in Thailand are sent out of the country the remaining is sold to individuals in the country on the Home Market fact.

Tiny Bat, Giant Shark

The biggest fish the crescioni ceteris thong long yai lives in Thailand it is the tiniest animal in the world this creature is approximately an inch large and weighs about 2 grams it is also called the Hognose bat or the bumblebee bat Thailand has both the tiniest and the biggest the whale shark resides in the Seas all around the island of smiles it can grow up to 40 feet in length which is approximately the length of a public bus if you go to the islands in April you most likely aren’t going to spot the bumblebee bat but you might see a whale shark fact.

Thai Flag Symmetry

The Thai flag is made up of five horizontal stripes that are red white blue white and then red the flag is uniform which means it looks the same whether it is right side up or inverted the story states that during a flood in 1917 King vajarevda had seen the flag flying upside down the King created a new flag that really was symmetrical and would remain correct side up so this wouldn’t occur again before the middle color scheme was red but later during the same year it was altered to Blue fact.

Bangkok: Hottest City

The warmest city on the planet are you aware that Bangkok is the warmest city in the entire world with a mean air temperature of 28 degrees Celsius the World Meteorological organization said that Bangkok the capital of Thailand was the warmest city on the globe it’s correct that there are a lot of desert towns with greater temperatures all over the world but these towns get extremely cold at night and in the cold season on the contrary hand it just never gets cold in Bangkok which is always hot so make sure you’re ready when you arrive for a visit so these are the top five fun and interesting facts about Thailand.