Top 5 Best Movies on Netflix to Watch Now in 2024

Are you in the mood for pulse racing action scenes romance comedy and L defying movies but don’t know what to watch well look no further because I’ve got not just that but also mind bending Thrillers and heart stopping explosions making this collection the perfect treat for you so buckle up and let’s dive into the top five best movies to watch on in 2024.

Irish Wish: Romantic Comedy

Irish wish what the oh Paul what a fantastic movie I got to experience Lindsay Lohan’s return to our screen adds an extra layer of excitement which is perfectly complemented by exceptional cinematography from the director this film has everything a love triangle magic a wedding a cute meeting and even a rainstorm scene that brings back memories of classic romcoms from the ’90s and early 2000s Irish wish follows the story of Maddie a book editor who secretly loves her boss Paul Kennedy things get complicated when best friend Emma starts dating Paul right before Emma’s wedding Maddie wishes for true love with an ancient stone in Ireland.

The next day she wakes up as the bride to be while preparing for her own wedding Maddie meets James a Charming nature photographer Sparks Fly between them leaving Maddie torn between Paul and James will she choose her boss or the new man in her life I read a comment online comparing this film to a mix of Freaky Friday Made of Honor and My Best Friend’s Wedding and I completely agree Irish wish combines the best part of those movies so if you’re looking for a light-hearted movie with beautiful scenery gate music and a good story Irish wish is the perfect choice.

Lottery Chaos

You almost killed your wife I think there’s a question that almost everyone wonders about what would you do if you won the lottery just asking that question can make you think about what you do with all that money but what if you were married and things weren’t going so well the story follows p and Natalia a married couple dealing with financial struggles and a rocky relationship when they win a million dollars in the lottery things get even more complicated Natalya makes impulsive decisions without talking to P while P keeps the winnings a secret and brings home the cash amid their growing tension they start suspecting each other of planning murder based on advice from their best friends with such a talented Ensemble this movie is undoubtedly a must see for any film lover.

Fast-paced Action

This movie stands out from the usual action films we see these days due to its well executed action sequences which feel realistic and the story itself moves at a good Pace with some emotional moments thrown in the story follows Octavio a mixed martial arts fighter who has only 60 Minutes to reach his daughter’s birthday party or risk losing custody however when he prioritizes attending over a scheduled flight he becomes a target for Dangerous criminals Octavio finds himself in a frantic Race Across the city trying to make it to the party and secure his daughter’s future while evading the criminals on his Trail so if you’re in search for a movie with well-crafted fight scenes intense hand-to-hand combat and a fast-paced storyline filled with tension and excitement.

Pain Hustler: A Gripping Tale

The actors in the movie did a fantastic job and the story kept me hooked from beginning to end what’s awesome is that it’s based on a true story showing how people always want to succeed and the movie’s visuals and overall production are topnotch too the story follows Liza Drake a blue collar single mom who recently lost her job and is struggling to make ends me until a chance encounter with Pharmaceutical sales rep Pete rener pushes her into a more financially stable but ethically questionable situation.

Juggling her increasingly unstable boss her daughter’s worsening health condition and her growing awareness of the harm caused by the company Liza finds herself confronting her choices and struggling with the consequences of her actions amidst desperation and gried and did I mention that pain Hustler is directed by David Yates the very person who directed the Harry Potter series and the Fantastic Beasts that alone makes.

South African Action Thriller

Heart of the hunter where’s my son with Netflix’s unreliable and unpredictable algorithm it’s amazing that I stumbled upon this South African action thriller jet while heart of the hunter May remind you of John Wick in some scenes the film stands out with its own unique flavor and a compelling Action Hero at its core the story revolves around Zuko a former assassin now leading a peaceful life with his girlfriend malame and her son however the past resurfaces when his old friend Johnny seeks his help Zuko discovers that corrupt politician daam tea is on the brink of winning the election unless incriminating evidence is revealed.

Meanwhile journalist Mike wrestler and his intern embark on their own investigation into mima’s unlawful activities risking their safety to uncover the truth as Zuko races against time to fulfill Johnny’s Mission and shield his family from maa’s threats he realizes he must confront his past to safeguard their future this film refreshes the action genre with its unique hero and setting making it a great choice.

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