Top 10 Human with SUPERHUMAN Abilities

Top 10 Human with SUPERHUMAN Abilities

We all dream of having some superpower to help navigate life for instance I’ve always wanted to be able to read people’s minds to me that would be the most awesome of any power one could possess with all of the dc and marvel movies coming out we quickly admire the superheroes as strength agility and other cool stuff that makes them superhuman but what about the people who don’t appear in movies but still possess fantastic superpowers yes they exist top 10 humans with superhuman abilities.

Superhuman Sword master: Isa Omachi

superhuman samurai born on august 20th 1973 isa omachi is a Japanese iyaru master from kawanishi japan with his remarkable ability to move a sword with seemingly superhuman speed and accuracy Japanese iatto master isa umachi holds multiple world records including the fastest 1 000 martial arts sword cuts and the quickest tennis ball cut by a sword it has been said that the machi possesses sensory superpowers where he slices a speeding bb bullet in half when it is shot at him.

French Spider-Man

The french spider-man elaine robert is the world’s leading free climber and is known all over the world as the french spider-man and the urban climber he is internationally renowned for having ascended over a hundred skyscrapers without ropes among his death-defying accents robber has climbed the eiffel tower the empire state building the canada score tower the patronus towers in malaysia and the four seasons hotel in hong kong although urban climbing is not technically illegal robert has been arrested over a hundred times for trespassing and causing public disturbances.

King Tooth’s Record

The man with steel jaws rafa krishan valu also called rajajiji in his mother country is one of the record breakers in this world his strange talent had amazed a whole world when he signed in for the guinness world records competition this man nicknamed king tooth has pulled a seven coach train using a steel rope clenched in his mouth the man has set a new world record for heaviest weight pulled by teeth the train weighs 260.8 tons with his teeth pulling it for a distance of 4.2 meters and if you think that’s not far check in with your own dentist.

Garth Monks: Yogic Mastery

The garth monks of tibet tibetan monks in remote regions of the himalayas have long claimed near miraculous powers through yogic practices the garth monks of tibet can raise their body temperature without moving a muscle through meditation alone the monks can raise the temperature of their skin by 8 degrees while their core temperature remains the same by slowing the blood flow to the brain they provide it with less oxygen thus allowing them to weather all kinds of intense atmospheric conditions they were put to the test where they have to sleep on a snowy ledge they are then draped with ice-cold wet sheets of fabric in conditions that would cause the average person to shiver uncontrollably and even result in death the monks remained unperturbed.

Daniel Kish: The Echolocation Master

The real life batman daniel kish 53 years old can’t see with his eyes he had both of them removed during a childhood battle with retina he began to click with his mouth as a child and taught himself to navigate his surroundings through echolocation bats dolphins and beluga whales use a similar technique biosonar to navigate the ocean he was playing video games riding bikes skating climbing trees and doing everything he always did as if he never lost his sight says his mother he now travels the world and runs his organization world access for the blind which teaches blind children to echolocate.

Meet Wim Hof: The Iceman

The iceman introducing wim hof the man who feels no cold eternal winter has nothing on this man he feels neither cold nor heat he is the author of the wim hof method rooted in mental and body preparation and training for resisting wild temperatures the iceman practices tumo a way of controlling the body’s temperature that is usually only mastered by tibetan yogi monks to add to his records and feats hof has climbed kilimanjaro in two days wearing nothing but his signature black shorts he also broke his own record of the longest ice bath by staying submerged in the ice for one hour 13 minutes and 48 seconds.

Human Magnet Man

The magnet man liao lin is known by many names magnet man magnetic man or mr magnet all these names are credited to his ability to stick metal objects onto his body scientists from the university of technology malaysia found no magnetic field in leo’s body in fact his skin exhibits very high levels of friction this provides a suction effect leading the object to stick on his body he can make metal objects weighing up to 2 kilograms each up to 36 kilograms total stick to his skin he has also pulled a car using this ability now isn’t that amazing.

Sleepless Wonder

The person who never sleeps no copy for this guy he’s been awake for over 40 years thai nagak from vietnam was born in 1942 and suffers from a severe case of insomnia he said he could not sleep at night after getting a fever in 1973 and counted infinite sheep during more than 11 700 consecutive sleepless nights however unlike ordinary humans who when deprived of sleep can succumb to all kinds of internal malfunctions ty naguk seems to still be in perfect health doctors say he shows no ill effects of sleep deprivation but in fact he is mentally sound and able to carry two 110 pound bags of pig feed for a distance of four kilometers every day.

Endurance Marvel: Dean Karnazes

The man with infinite endurance dean karnazaz named by men’s fitness as one of the fittest men on the planet is the real-life version of the flash only with better stamina he’s an American ultra marathon runner whose body does not exhibit signs of physical exhaustion ever his most notable achievement was when he ran 350 miles in 80 hours and 44 minutes without sleep in 2005. recently the super runner completed 50 marathons one in each state over the course of 50 consecutive days there is simply no stopping those legs scientists have concluded that he could literally run until he died of old age.

Extraordinary Memory Marvel

The man with photographic memory Stephen Wiltshire is a British architect he is famous worldwide for his phenomenal memory he can recreate any landscape after looking at it for mere moments diagnosed with autism at age 3 he didn’t say his first words paper and pen until age five still as a child stephen could sketch stunningly accurate images of wildlife and caricatures of his teachers at age eight he got his first commission from the british prime minister language didn’t come easily until the following year.

But by age 13 he had published his first book of drawings now he’s able to draw entire cities from memory after seeing them only once he once drew a 19 foot long drawing of new York city after a single 20-minute helicopter ride he clearly deserves our top spot scientists believe that every time the human genome duplicates itself there are a hundred new mutations they’re pretty common and usually negligible however it would stand to reason that within the pantheon of human mutations some would express themselves in the form of extraordinary superhuman abilities.