Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time

Top 10 Best Romantic Comedies Of All Time

The supposed death of the romantic comedy has been greatly exaggerated by some quarters in spite of the fact that the genre has lost some of its popularity during the 1990s new developments show that audiences are still craving banter meetups and happy endings Netflix has hit the jackpot by relying heavily on bubbly comedy about loving young things falling in love we have listed the top 10 best romantic comedies you should definitely watch or re-watch.

Romantic Comedy Classic

Come see Nora Ephron’s first film as a filmmaker this odd romantic comedy from 1993 which begins with tom hanks mourning the loss of his devoted wife and mother thanks to a radio show that pays homage to an affair to remember and a manipulative eight-year-old played with a plum by ross maligner he eventually finds a second chance at love keep a watch out for a young gabby Hoffman and her pre-iChat vocabulary as well as Annie’s meg Ryan’s journalistic diligence in tracking down Mr. sleepless in Seattle before google and Lex’s nexus.

Journalism’s Love Triangle

The seven-time academy award nominee written produced and directed by James l brooks launched the career of a small town southerner named holly hunter and predicted the slow decline of American journalism broadcast news is above all a love tale a love story between three career-driven journalists and the business they like which entangles them in a painfully sympathetic love triangle that ends in heartbreak for each character hunter’s character a TVs news producer is just as smart and honorable as her best friend journalist albert brooks.

Classic Screwball Chemistry

It happened one night a rom-com made with the production code prohibited scenes of excessive passion captures love and even lust with little more than an expertly displayed leg an instantly iconic shirtless Clark gable and a road trip plot that has been imitated but never quite matched in the decades since the chemistry between gable and Claudette Colbert who portrays the heiress on the run being pursued by gable’s industrious reporter is particularly strong and it happened one night it happened one night as a masterpiece of the screwball comedy era when speech was fast and women behaved erratically but adorably and it holds up especially well because of the chemistry between Clark gable and Claudette Colbert.

Modern Fairy Tale

She was just a girl asking a boy to love her except she was Julia Roberts fresh off the success of my best friend’s wedding and he was Hugh grant coming off the triumph of sense and sensibility to put it another way these two well-known actors were showing off their already toned muscles in noting hill a great actress falls in love with a lowly shopkeeper and the story unfolds like a modern day fairy tale the clothes may be at a date we all had a very humiliating year in 1999 but the appeal remains all of the meat cutes witty companions and appealing stars with electric chemistry and a flare for hilariously awkward entanglements are present and proper.

Groundhog Day Insights

Groundhog day is the perfect remedy to a hardened heart and the greatest rom-com for cynics who don’t like rom-coms after all Phil Connors a weatherman dispatched at Punxsutawney Pennsylvania to cover the pointless annual ritual of a groundhog seeking for a shadow might be bill Murray’s ideal character because he is bored with life he becomes imprisoned in a time loop in which he is compelled to relive the previous 24 hours that means his producer Rita played with twinkly self-possession by Andy McDowell rejects him day after day by diluting each scene the film gradually increases Phil’s sensation of amazement.

Maturing High School Romance

10 things i hate about you 1999 the mature performances of Julia styles and the late great heath ledger who in separate equally winning ways personify the agony of being past high school but too young for college elevate 10 things above high school drama in some ways the incredibly juvenile premise a spin on Shakespeare’s taming of the shrew in which ledger’s character is paid to kill styles so that a whole other cast of characters can go out with her younger sister is simply there to be transcended as sparks fly between two people who had long since given up on this dumb school.

Bridget Jones’s Legacy

If you’ve ever found yourself alone at home with a dangerously large amount of wine and cake belting out all by myself you’ll be right at home with this one in 2001 the movie Bridget jones’s diary starring Renee Zellweger and Colin fifth and Hugh grant became an instant blockbuster because to their undeniably British performances the legacy of blue soap ugly Christmas sweaters and embarrassing street battles cannot be erased in spite of the fact that the sequels fell short of the original’s promise Bridget chases Mr. Darcy down a snowy London street and nothing but sneakers a jacket and zebra print panties making it impossible to imagine a more absurd uniquely rom-com climax.

Clueless 1995

In adapting jane Austen’s Emma about a cunning matchmaker who is surprised by her own romance for mid 90s adolescence Amy Heckerling invented her own vocabulary share Horwitz attracts Baldwin’s monist and cake boys because she is a shallow beverly hills princess with hidden depth played superbly by Alicia Silverstone in a generation defining performance Regina George would not exist if it weren’t for sure with a beautiful Paul Rudd as a slightly problematic love interest Heckerling’s cosmos is bright and funny but also intelligent in this day of Instagram celebrities clue less’s satire and reverence of adolescent culture may seem outdated but it nonetheless stands tall in its platform sneakers as one of their genre’s best.

Online Romance Blossoms

You’ve got mail 1998 joe fox and Kathleen Kelly live and work on the upper west side of new York city just a few blocks apart they shop at the same the bars get their coffee at the same Starbucks and walk down the same picturesque streets Patricia Eden a clever and hyperactive book editor is joe’s roommate Kathleen is married to frank NoVo ski a passionate and erudite newspaper columnist each believes that life and love are enough until they meet in an internet chat room and begin exchanging emails you’ve got mail’s appeal is as old as love and as new as the internet it stars tom hanks and meg Ryan as two charmingly lovable people whose sole mission is to demonstrate their adorability for two hours while we wait for them to fix their problems fall into each other’s arms and get down to the rumpy pumpy.

Rom-Com Revolution

When Harry Met Sally, 1989. This film marked the beginning of Nora Ephron’s rom-com career. Meg Ryan’s title as America’s sweetheart was confirmed. It was the gold standard for the next decade, and Hollywood tried to imitate it. When Harry Met Sally, with all its talky, charming smartness, felt revolutionary when it was released in 1989, and it still feels innovative.

Partially because it carefully examines the central question posed at the outset: can straight men and women truly be just friends? The film’s stark gender boundaries, as well as Sally’s obsession with marriage, feel a little out of date in 2018, but it remains a near-perfect portrayal of the genre. It is one of the most versatile film and television genres. Comedy may enliven a scene, reveal a lot about a character’s attitude, and even aid in the endurance of lengthy expository explanations and speeches. Comedy is one of the most difficult genres to pull off, and it’s also one of the most dangerous to pitch or develop.