The Coolest Mini Gadgets You Need To See

The Coolest Mini Gadgets You Need To See

Bullet 204 slick house a company from California has a vision to transform our everyday items into works of art that also serve a purpose their flashlights are a hit with customers raising over eighty thousand dollars on Kickstarter they have three modes a durable diode that can last for about a hundred thousand hours and a zoom feature that lets you adjust the light beams width the body is made of metal that resists scratches and has a magnet attached you can charge it easily with the USB type-c port which works with many cables and chargers and other mini gadgets for smartphones you can get one for just 50 bucks.

Mini Crossbow Gadgets

Mini crossbow v20 it even features these gadgets favored by both Jetty and bounty hunters they have a special compound that solidifies when it touches air giving them a 200 meter reach but our technology is still behind so we have to make do with something simpler to strap on our belts like these crossbows they can shoot tiny arrows that weigh about 2 grams and steel balls that are four millimeters across which let you Ambush your enemies and gain an edge for your side of the force they are 16 by 12 centimeters in size so you can hide them easily under a jetty or Sith cloak foreign.

Go Pump System

If you’re looking for a device that can do it all you might want to check out the go pump system it’s a multifunctional gadget that has the following features a huge battery that can also charge your devices a pump that can fill up your car tire in a snap a jump starter that can revive your car in a pinch and two LED lights and a spotlight that can light up your way with 2 000 lumens and 6 modes including SOS this handy system can withstand temperatures from plus 60 to minus 20 degrees Celsius and to help you use it it has a built-in screen and a manual you can get one for only 150 dollars.

Tiny Multifunctional Pen

What if you could have a pen that is Tiny tough and multifunctional that’s what slughouse the makers of the magnetic mini flashlight have created for you their new pen is only 107 by 7 millimeters but it has a magnet a letter opener and a clip you can write with it open your mail and attach it to your bag or backpack it’s the ultimate pen for everyday use and you can get two of them for just 30 bucks.

Smart Batman Gloves

If Batman’s gloves were more than just gloves what if they had a secret tracker that let you locate them on your phone what if they could make a noise on demand maybe the noise would be Batman’s voice saying where’s the trigger what if they were also touch screen friendly so you could use your phone or ATM without taking them off that’s what these sellers claim to offer the smartest and most modern gloves ever but there’s a catch the battery is not rechargeable and only lasts a year if you want to feel like Batman you’ll have to pay a hundred dollars for a pair of these gloves.

Polo Brush: Ultimate Toothcare

Polo do you want to keep your teeth healthy and avoid expensive dental bills then you need the polo brush the ultimate travel and City companion this brush is so small it fits in your pocket but it has a big secret a built-in toothpaste Reservoir that can last for 50 brushes you can fill it with Italian mint paste that comes in handy blocks you can also pick the bristle type that suits you best soft medium or stiff they are made with Dupont tinex material which is durable and long lasting for only twenty six dollars you can get the brush to extra brush heads and two paste blocks don’t let your teeth Decay get the polo brush.

Tiny SSD

Sharge disk imagine a tiny SSD that you can carry on your keychain it’s only as big as two bottle caps but it can hold a massive amount of data two terabytes to be exact that’s enough for 204k movies or 400 000 photos and it’s super fast too you can transfer a 70 gigabyte gain in less than a minute and a half and don’t worry about it getting too hot it has a tiny fan that spins at 13 000 RPM to keep it cool this amazing SSD was a huge hit on Kickstarter where some lucky backers got it for only 29 it’s the ultimate evolution of SSD’s from bulky to pocket sized foreign.

Revolver Fidget Tool

The revolver do you love Spinners and screwdrivers then you’ll love this fidget toy that combines both it’s made of titanium the same metal used for rockets and planes it has a revolver style cylinder that can hold six bits so you can switch them easily it’s a fidget toy that also works as a tool and it comes with a leather case that you can attach to your belt or bag this fidget toy is not cheap though it costs a hundred dollars but it’s worth it it’s the coolest and most useful fidget toy.