Looking Straight at the Sun
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Looking Straight at the Sun

September 1st 1859 English astronomer Richard Carrington created the image of India by listening to it. He projected it through a telescope in his house in a village called Red Hill in Britain. People all over the world heard it in the distance and kept an eye on the surface. Carrington used to sit in his observatory every day, in which he kept it running, watched the Sun as it continued to rise, projected its image and made a sketch of this active region. It is a coincidence that one day when he was in one such When I was making sketches, they were very big.

Solar Flare Impact

Solar Fresh’s vision was to see the bright light on the current because this flare was very strong and due to this light, some bright points were seen on the solar surface. We have seen the biggest flare till date. For the scientist This is the first indication that the storms coming from the Sun can destroy our technology on Earth. What happened after this was surprising. After about 18 hours it was so big that we call it Geomagnetic Storm. A storm occurs which deforms the Earth’s magnetic field and then all this energy radiation Aurora Borealis is a species running in the belt.

How long will the Northern Lights be visible? It was seen even in places where people had never seen it before, such as Australia, Great Britain and Florida, where it had never been seen before. There was chaos all over the world due to Geomagnetic Storm, now scientists call it Carrington Event. In 1859, the only way to communicate over long distances was the telegraph machine, which was newly invented at that time. Due to this huge solar flare, it rained on the earth. The most devastating effect of electromagnetic particles on communications.

Telegraph’s Impact

But In 1859, the telegraph system could not be reduced till the day, this does not seem very big in today’s competition, but if you consider this golden head electronic communication on the entire power grid society, according to some estimates If something like this happens today and we don’t have enough advanced warning to shut down our power bridges, then all the transformers present on the American Store West Caste could blow up. In such a situation, it may take years or dacoits to restore power in the Caste. It is true that if there was no internet today, hatred would spread all over the world.

A lot of things depend on logistics, in most of the big cities of the world it takes about 12 hours to transport food, so if the logistics network does not operate then the society will not be able to reach the people. When there is a hurricane or earthquake. What we do is people leave their home and take refuge in a nearby city but this will not be an option if any Earth event occurs. If the entire ocean were clouds in its place then where would you go. No one knows when the next Carrington Level Event will happen. It will happen anytime, it’s power.