Iranian president releases statement about attack on Israel

The house was extremely surprised by the scale of this attack. when Iran’s major general Qassim Soleimani, the brutal military commander responsible for killing hundreds of U.S. service members in Iraq, was killed.

Surprise and Reaction to Iran’s Attack

What was heartening to see here was the response to the missile defense systems. The allied coalition coming together with Jordan and other Arab states and the U.K. and U.S. And then, of course, Israel’s phenomenal Iron Dome and Arrow systems intercepted these vessels and kept the injuries standard ones for a Muslim girl was sort of dangerous and.

I think the photos of the Baghdadi raid. But I can tell you one thing. President Trump’s hands would never shake. You know what hands were shaking in the situation room and our administration, we the capabilities of Iran and we have restarted the tyrants we’ve gotten here because we’ve had a policy of appeasement around the Biden administration.

I think there are things in foreign policy that presidents toward Ukraine and up until now, until recently, Israel and Taiwan. But they’ve had the appease around as they’ve tried to buy Iran, also have given Iran more money in sanctions relief. And keep this in mind. It is quite astounding the idea that Iran more money in sanctions relief in a hostage ransom that given Ukraine, Taiwan, and Israel combined all of that has gone to Iran’s products to Hamas and Hezbollah.

So let me ask you, do you know, there’s reporting out there that Biden is not supporting counterattack here, that it’s that he’s not supporting Israel, carry out a counterattack against Iran.

Supporting Israel’s Defense Needs

I think that Israel has opportunity here. I think what we should do is we should pass a standalone bill supporting Israel and getting Israel the weapons they need. And I like I’m not one to very supportive of Ukraine or Taiwan than I am. But we need to send a message today that Israel’s getting the weapons.

And I think Congress should come back into session today or tomorrow and pass the supplemental would get Israel the weapons, the base. Number two, I think we need to make it as a statement in support of Israel and say we’re going to start trading Hamas like we traded ISIS and destroy Hamas and rescue our they should get Delta and SEAL Team Six into the area and figuring out how to rescue these hostages out of southern Gaza and a number of three with the Iranians.

We shouldn’t. But they the a coalition with Israel and other Western allies that at a we ought to take out the drone factories and their ballistic missile factories that are raining terror down on people in Ukraine and also in Israel. Now that we’ve seen that Iran has started this. It’s responsible to have the UAV factories and most electric vehicle factories that it has it’s using as weapons to kill innocent people and people outside.

Iran’s Factory Concerns

So we need to take those factories out immediately. So I do want to follow up on what you just said with regard to those those assets that Iran indeed has. But I’m just getting handed a note here, The Iran’s president has come out and made a statement claiming that Iran has now taught Israel a lesson.

Well, I think those that do not have a response, they crossed the red line. They attacked the state of Israel, not using proxies not using Hezbollah or Hamas. They directly attacked Israel from Iran. They declared that was a declaration of war with like Pearl Harbor. And the fact that the Israelis were able to intercept the ballistic missiles and the cruise missiles that the suicide drones. That’s great. But that doesn’t relieve Iran the responsibility for conducting that offensive was attacked a member country of the United Nations.

Iran’s Attacks

And now they’re trying to say they attack Israel. But now we’re done and not don’t attack us. Of course, they’d love that. They’d love to show that they can attack Israel with impunity. And so Iran needs to be taught a lesson and need to be got very quickly to restore deterrence. It’s not to escalate. It’s to de-escalate right now. And that’s going to be very hard because. Iran attacked Israel during and they killed thousands of Israeli civilians. It was the most nasty possible manner. And now they’ve attacked the state of Israel from, Iranian territory, using ballistic missiles, the cruise missiles, the drones.

There is no Iran thinks we can do anything they want. And we’ve already started deterrence. That’s that’s that would de-escalate the situation not escalated. And the IDF has made it very clear that it could flatten many major assets that Iran has, including the Revolutionary Guard headquarters, oil platforms, nuclear sites.

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