Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life

Inspirational Movies That Will Change Your Life

Movies with solid motivational message have been many and a lot of them are preachy in tone and excessively dramatic but it’s hard to deny the impact that these films have had on you at least at some point in time or the other in our lives inspirational movie can change your world view and put you into a more positive mind frame top 10 inspirational movies that will change your life.

Rocky: A Perseverance Tale

Rocky isn’t the best boxing film ever made but there’s never been one more influential never one is imitated or indelible the movie ventures into fantasy when the world heavyweight champion carl weathers decides to schedule a new year’s eve bout with a total unknown to prove that America is still a land of opportunity it’s a film that knows its audience’s pulse and despite how blatantly sentimental and exploitative it is at places comes off as an endearingly sincere effort at moving audiences with the sheer power of hope and perseverance in short rocky is the story of a man who overcomes all the obstacles that life puts in his way to follow his dreams.

Beautiful Mind: Triumph Through Struggle

A beautiful mind 2001 based on the book of the same title a beautiful mind tells the story of nobel prize winning mathematician and economist johnforbes nash russell crowe he navigates his successes coupled with frightening experiences with psychosis he made an astonishing discovery early in his career and stood on the brink of international acclaim but the handsome and arrogant nash soon found himself on a painful and harrowing journey of self-discovery this life-changing inspirational movie will leave you both astonished and motivated at the same time does he get the victory after all the struggle this movie is a box office success with winning four academy awards among others.

Survival and Self-Discovery

Life of pi is a miraculous achievement of storytelling and a landmark of visual mastery inspired by a worldwide bestseller that many readers must have assumed was unfilmable it is a triumph over its difficulties the storyline revolves around an indian man living in canada near reading his life story about how at 16 he survives a shipwreck in which his family dies and is stranded in the pacific ocean on a lifeboat with a royal bengal tiger the young man experiences a long and adventure-filled journey during which he becomes a man as he struggles to survive what fate throws in his path.

Saving Private Ryan: Groundbreaking Drama

Saving private Ryan 1998 steven spielberg broke new dramatic ground when he created the iconic moving saving private ryan back in 1998. the film draws on the story of an actual soldier named fritz nilland and a u.s war department directive designed to keep families from losing every one of their sons captain john miller tom hanks takes his men behind enemy lines to find private james ryan whose three brothers have been killed in combat surrounded by the brutal realities of war while searching for ryan each man embarks upon a personal journey and discovers their strength to triumph over an uncertain future with honor decency and courage saving private ryan is likely one of the best movies about world war ii ever made.

Dead Poets Society: Inspirational Teaching

Dead poets society 1989 dead poets society is a 1989 American teen drama film written by tom shulman directed by peter ware and starring robin Williams set in 1959 at the fictional elite conservative vermont boarding school Walton academy it tells the story of an english teacher who inspires his students through his poetry teaching the teacher named mr Keating has come to an all-boys school steveton tradition with boys expected to follow their parents rigid and unyielding expectations regarding their education a true inspiration this movie will make you question the social and political norms that define your life dead poet’s society encourages you to dream and urges you to not be lazy in the pursuit of your aspirations.

Revolutionary Rebellion: Fight Club

Fight club 1999 fincher’s movie based on chuck palahniuk’s 1996 novel of the same name follows an unnamed narrator edward norton who is insomnia norton plays the protagonist who is discontented with his white-collar job he forms an underground fight club with soap makers tyler durden brad pitt they’re joined by men who also want to fight recreationally norton becomes embroiled in a relationship with pitt and a decadent woman marla singer bonham carter a rollercoaster ride fight club urges you to challenge the status quo and become more aware of the dehumanizing effects of consumerism this movie contains excellent messages about life and its never-ending desires it tells you to live a life without fear and distractions.

Reunion Quest: Three Idiots

Three idiots 2009 this classic comedy movie deals with a beautiful story of three friends but three idiots to the rest of the world the film has two folds to it past and present in the present the two of the friends reunite after years to search for the third idiot with whom they lost contact just after graduation while searching the two idiots come across a deep secret which the third one kept hidden from them all these years in the past this movie beautifully shows the college life of these idiots and the cracks in their lives which have a different story from one another also how these three idiots manage to live the fullest of their engineering college days the movie has a lot to offer on emotions and interests.

Shawshank Redemption: Simplicity Resonates

The shawshank redemption 1994 simplicity is the key to striking people’s hearts and that’s precisely the reason why the shawshank redemption managed to resonate with a large number of audiences this film is based on a short story from acclaimed horror writer stephen king it’s a story of solid friendship life wisdom and never ending hope this classic follows andy de fresney during his 19 years of prison life and how his perseverance helps him escape the shawshank prisons treasuries the movie is indeed about redemption and as andy escapes you realize how important it is to keep the faith and perseverance because you either get busy living or get busy dying.

Pursuit of Happiness: True Story

The pursuit of happiness 2006 based on a true story about a man named christopher gardner gartner has invested heavily in a device known as a bone density scanner he feels like he has made it selling these devices however they do not sell well as they are marginally better than x-ray at a much higher price life became a struggle for a single father chris evicted from their apartment.

He and his young son jaden smith find themselves alone with no place to go even though chris eventually lands a job as an intern at a prestigious brokerage firm the position pays no money the pair must live in shelters and endure many hardships but chris refuses to give in to despair as he struggles to create a better life for himself and his son will smith’s controlled performance as chris gardner pushes the film beyond its glaring sentimentality and offers an honest look into the story’s human aspect.

Iconic Tom Hanks

Forest gump 1994 forest is a simple boy with not a very high iq but with the support of a very cool mom his fate is never restricted he has a kind and childlike innocent nature but never fails to inspire people around part of the film’s brilliance could be attributed to tom hanks iconic portrayal of the titular character as his performance elevates the movie beyond its inherent kitsch and turns it into something delightfully funny and endlessly entertaining forrest gump is a heartwarming story of a man who will leave you inspired with this childlike optimism movies can inspire they can make you think out of the box sometimes they can make you question yourself and look back on your life or perhaps even see your future.