Six Genius Inventions that were Invented By Mistake

Six Genius Inventions that were Invented By Mistake

During the Vietnam War, the Army had got a chemical which if sprayed on the wounds of the wounded, their bleeding would stop immediately, no matter how deep the wound was. This chemical had saved the lives of thousands of people and you You will be surprised to know that this chemical is present in every house. there are many things used in daily life which were invented by mistake and not for any purpose. First let’s look at Coca Cola. Who knew that one stroke of the sword would become the world’s most famous soft drink?

Origin of Coca-Cola

Will make a drink and leave. Yes, this is true. It was in this year that Burton started using morphine. It is an addictive drug which at that time was used only when other medicines were not working. He got cured but another problem surrounded him. He was now addicted to morphine and he wanted to get rid of it. At that time, alcohol and cocaine were not considered bad and anyone could buy them and use them.

He made a drug for himself. Made a medicine in which kola nuts and juice of plants called Dum were added and on top of that a mixture of cocaine and alcohol was also added. It is an alcoholic beverage. Along with the drink, it also worked as a pain killer, which was named Pentens French Wine Coca, that is, to give up one habit, he adopted another habit. After about 20 years, a case against 1886.The law was passed.

The owner of a local pharmacy store told Pam Button that he would now have to remove alcohol and cocaine from his French wine coca. For this purpose, Dr. Pamberton did some experiments in which a mixture of only kola nuts and coca leaves was obtained. He made syrup and did various experiments to test the pharmacy store owner.

Accidental Creation: Coca Cola

But by mistake he added carbo ted water along with the syrup in an experiment. The owner of the pharmacy liked it so much that he suggested selling it as a refreshing drink rather than a headache reliever. Now because this drink It was made by mixing Cola and Coca leaves, that is why it was named Coca Cola and started being sold as a refreshing drink. The world’s first Coca Cola was sold for only five cents and Penn Button knew that one day it would definitely become the national drink. Due to his illness and bank robberies, he made the formula of this drink famous. Business tycoon sold such a Greek scandal for just $38. Today the market value of Coca-Cola is 260 billion US dollars, which is approximately 2100 billion.

Super Glue’s Origins

Do you know that during the Vietnam War, there was a chemical which caused thousands of injuries. The lives of the soldiers were saved. Doctors used to spray this chemical on the wounds of the soldiers as first aid, which dried the wounds immediately and stopped bleeding. This chemical was none other than super glue which is present in every house today. The most interesting thing is that super glue was also invented by mistake during World War 2.

The biggest problem that the soldiers faced during the war was that when they fired their guns, the target did not hit the right place. To solve this issue, the US Army needed a target which was made of absolutely clear plastic. It should be made of plastic so that everything can be easily seen through it. To make this clear plastic, a team of chemical engineers was hired in which Dr. Harry Cover was also included. In the process of making clear plastic, these people created a chemical which was needed. Cyano-acrylation was more adhesive than cyano-acrylation and could not be used after 9 years.

Super Glue: From Accident to Innovation

In 1951, Dr. Harry Cover was working in Kodak Company when some experiments were being done to make the cover of jet engine. On this occasion, Dr. Harry Cover once again asked another chemist of Cyano Acrylation Deck. When the refractometer was broken, Dr. Harry Cover got the idea that he already had the solution and it was none other than Cyano Acrylization and no force was needed. In 1958, this chemical codec was developed by Eastman 910. started selling which later.

It was given the name of Super Glue. Along with joining things, Super Glue was also used for recording fingerprints in forensic investigations. The fumes formed when Super Glue is heated are invisible. It reacts with fingerprints and when the super glue dries and hardens within minutes, fingerprints are printed on it. Along with all these uses, super glue is also used as first aid to stop bleeding in cuts. It has been happening but never try this method at home.

Invention Origins: Hook and Loop Tape

Blood Whether it is to check the pressure, tighten the children’s shoes or wrap the charger wire of the mobile laptop and keep it closed, hook and loop tape is definitely used in every house, which is also often called Velcro, but Do you know that the idea of its invention was born on an occasion when in 1941, an electrical engineer named George de Meester was out hiking with his dog in the mountains of the Alps. During the walk, the seeds of the burdock plant fell from his socks, clothes and his dog.

They were sticking again and again and they noticed that the burdock would stick to them only with a light touch. The tape comes in two parts, one has only hooks and the other tape has nylon loops. Both of them stick to each other as soon as they touch, just like burdock seeds stick to clothes. Wellek Seven Countries It is made in India and about 2500 employees work in this company.

Playdough’s Evolution

Before World War 2, coal was used in the houses instead of heaters, but due to this, a layer of black smoke stuck in the entire house, only then the Play Dough was made. Invented which was used to remove soot but after World War 2, natural gas was used as a heater Noah and Joseph’s playdough invention was no longer useful, but after a few years, in 1950, Joseph noticed that his sister, a school teacher, was giving this playdough to her students. She was giving models of various things to be made, from there she got the idea and after registering Rabo Crafts Company, she started selling them for children to play.

Accidental Discovery: Blood Thinners

Pacemaker and penicillin, the invention of blood thinners in the medical industry was actually a coincidence. It was 1920 when a strange disease was noticed in animals.

In this disease, they started having internal bleeding due to which even the hatched animals would die. After investigation, it was found that due to eating a special fungus which grows on the grass, their blood had become very thin. When that fungus was found in detail, When it was understood, a special chemical was found inside it which actually thinned their blood a lot.

This chemical was later named Farin but before it was given to heart attack and stroke patients for the next 30 years. Till 1950, it was used as a rat poison and after 1950, it was decided to use Farin on humans also. One of the first patients on whom this life-saving medicine was used was US President Dwight D. Eisenhower, who had a heart attack in 1955 and the use of Va Farin saved his life.

Evolution of Fire: From Stone Age to Matches

The biggest achievement of humans was to light the fire. Ever since man learned to light the fire, he has always been trying to make this process easier. Before the match, lighting the fire used to be a very laborious task. Some would light the fire by rubbing a stone and some would light the fire. Used to place a wooden stick on another wooden stick and operate it like a drill. Year 1827 Since his death in 1899, he has been considered the inventor of the match stick.