Five Rare Allergies You May Not Have Heard Of

Five Rare Allergies You May Not Have Heard Of

The top 5 rare allergies you may not have heard of over 30 percent of the world’s population will suffer from an allergy at some point in their lives the majority of those 30 have been diagnosed with a common allergy such as hay fever or animal dander it is also true that some suffer from rarer and less well-known allergies for which less is known about the underlying causes and effective treatment options.

Nickel Allergy Alert

Money true or not some people have allergic reactions to lose change which they develop simply by handling it after taking coins you may develop an allergic rash on your hands which indicates that you are allergic to nickel sulfate it is recommended that those who suffer from this condition avoid contact with shiny objects such as jewelry metal portions of clothing pins lighters and even certain doorknobs of course gloves should be worn whenever money is handled it is recommended that people who are allergic to nickel avoid carrying loose change in their pockets.

Vibratory Urticaria

Vibrations vibratory urticaria vibration-induced physical ureticaria is another extremely rare type of physical urticaria it has been discovered that they can cause the release of inflammatory molecules into the body resulting in the development of hives and rashes urticarial reactions can be triggered by simple actions such as clapping sprinting traveling or even using a drill among others even though the majority of vibratory reactions last less than an hour they can nonetheless result in feelings of self-consciousness and discomfort it is occasionally possible to avoid the trigger stimuli in such instances.

Sun Allergy Overview

Sunlight solar urticaria solar urticaria is a rare condition that happens when the human skin is exposed to uv radiation or even visible light the symptoms include an outbreak of hives when exposed to the sun as with other forms of urticaria the body’s masked cells release histamine which causes the reaction the hives can be treated with antihistamines and sun avoidance can prevent this reaction fortunately sun allergy is very rare when it happens the hive symptoms which include stinging and itching appear within 30 minutes of sun exposure and clear up within minutes of getting out of the sun so those who are allergic to the sun need to cover up from head.

Touch Allergy Dermo graphism

Touch allergy dermo graphism is a kind of physical urticaria that is not as well known the term skin writing refers to the fact that if you have this sort of allergy you will be able to write your name on your skin with the pressure of your fingernail hence the name an itchy hive reaction is triggered when pressure is applied to the skin you can also get this urge to carry a rash if you wear too tight of clothing or if you towel off after taking a long hot shower dermo graphism is a condition that affects around four percent of the population after about 15 to 30 minutes the rash disappears on its own antihistamines can be used to alleviate the itching that results from it.

Exercise Allergy Overview

Allergy to exercise a relatively low number has only been recorded in the medical literature about a thousand times since the 1970s exercise allergy can produce merely urticaria or hives in moderate cases but in more challenging situations it can induce anaphylixis a life-threatening condition in which your blood pressure drops suddenly and you have difficulties breathing if you have an exercise allergy consult your doctor immediately exercise allergy can be classified into two categories ford explains only one type happens after consuming food and within two hours after exercising while the other occurs without consuming food regardless of the cause you should refrain from exercising however you can avoid the food-related sort by not eating before exercising anaphylexis which is a medical emergency may necessitate the administration of the medication epinephrine by injection.