Coolest Gadgets For You in 2024

Coolest Gadgets For You in 2024

Skwheel one ebikes are great for getting around. E Scooters are practical but not so much fun. Electric skis? Wait, what? Electric skis that work on any terrain, that’s what we’re showcasing right now. Squeal turns the concrete jungle into an adventure park that feels like you’re skiing. Squeal lets you commute as well, and it’s fast.

You can move up to 80 kmph, so you can blaze down the highway. However, for safety and compliance, it’s factory set to a 25 kmph ride, and a single full charge pushes your rides up to 30 km away. Charging the Squeal only takes 2 hours, and it’s also made of eco-friendly material. Squeal is IP64 waterproof, weighs just over 12 kilos, and is a four-wheel drive.

Dry Floating Therapy

Finally, a solution for floating that doesn’t require you to get any water on you. This is the Zero Body Dry Float, and it’s an innovative patented system that lets you participate in floating therapy while staying completely dry. You don’t even have to put on a swimsuit. You can wear your regular suit.

Your body can float in 400 L of warm water, giving you the sensation of zero gravity. It’s kind of like a water bed, but it reduces stress and gives you a chance to rejuvenate and recover.

Portable Holographic Display

Looking Glass Go: who wants to live in a 2D world? Not me. The world should be in full three-dimensional viewing. Well, the fine folks at Looking Glass think so too, and they’ve taken it one step further with the Looking Glass Go, a portable holographic display that lets you exhibit your spatial memories.

This is designed for anyone to use. You can take spatial photos with your phone and then view them straight away in a hologram format with a huge amount of depth. But it doesn’t stop there. You can take an old-fashioned 2D photo and transpose it into a hologram over Wi-Fi. You can also interact with holograms and talk to them using Chat GPT, giving you a powerful and scary way of talking to people you’ve never met.

Future Wagon: Roamx RX

If you’re still using the boring old school wagons of yesteryear, then you’re probably living in an old-timey western movie. This is the future, a future where wagons are electronic and robotically controlled. This is the RX E Wagon, and it’s a powerful sidekick for your yard work. RX E Wagon has a dual motor drive, uphill and downhill assistance, as well as a loading weight of 440 lbs. It’s also remote-controlled.

The RX E Wagon is waterproofed up to IP57 standards and gives out over 350 lumens of dual lights, so working at night in the rain is no longer a viable excuse to get out of yard duties. The E Wagon also comes packed with a 60,000 mAh battery that delivers 1200 W of power to drive a 30,000 RPM in-code motor. So yeah, that’s powerful.

Unihertz Luna: Innovative Independence

We are kicking around the traditional smartphones in favor of a new world order of independence, starting with the UniHertz Luna. This is an entry-level phone that literally shows off the world around you. Its light-emitting transparent design gives off powerful illumination, and the camera has over 108 megapixels through a triple lens that provides you with clear and crisp photos. What this phone doesn’t have is 5G.

It’s still cycled in 4G, but when a phone looks this good, who cares? It runs on Android 12 and keeps you juiced up with a 5,000 mAh battery. Yes, it only has 8 GB of onboard storage, but it can go as high as 256 GB of boosted memory. And the display is a massive 6.81 inches with a 2350 x 1080 resolution.

Smart Travel Mug

Enjoy your coffee to the last warm drop with Muggo, your travel companion that’s so much more than a thermos. Muggo is perfect for busy people on the go who like their coffee hot and want to keep it that way. You, yes you, get to pick the temperature you want your beverage to remain at. You can connect the Muggo battery with one hand.

That’s right, just one hand because it connects magnetically. Your coffee can stay at a piping hot 150°F. You get 5 hours of continuous use off a single charge on the go, and you can charge the Muggo wirelessly, so your mug can stay warm in the car, at the office, or on the kitchen table. Muggo is waterproof, so even if your butterfingers drop it, you ain’t going to damage it. It holds 12 oz of liquid and weighs a third of a pound.

Couch Console: Snacking Solution

Snackers unite! It’s time to keep your bounty where it should be, on the couch and out of harm’s way. But you can’t just roll around with a can of soda and loose popcorn. You need a caddy, a partner, a container. What you really need is a couch console, and that’s exactly what this is. A drink and snacks console that doubles as an armrest table with a stand for your phone and a place to keep your TV remote. Use the couch console in the car, in an RV, or at friends’ places on their filthy couches.

Smart Commuter Bike

If you ready for some smarts, smarts that are completely integrated into your commuting bike. But what makes the Tezeus smart? Great question. Is it the built-in Google Maps feature? Is it the digital lock? Is it the operating system that makes it super easy to operate? It’s a combination of all those and more. I mean more like the radar that’s built into the taillight. This detects any dangers around you and sounds off when they get close. The Tezeus is sleek in black or white and comes with a detachable battery that has a great range and fast charging times.