Best Animated Movies Of All Time

Best Animated Movies Of All Time

The best animated movies of all time like the other best films of all time show a cornucopia of emotions celebration heartbreak joy grief excitement and anger animated movies have a long history of tackling the more mundane aspects of everyday life from a comedy or otherwise lighthearted film to global severe and political issues in a drama animation is a medium that lends itself to diverse often tear-jerking storytelling box office smashes and sleeper hits make up the top animated movies of all time it’s about time to put some respect on animation and think about it outside the context of a humble cartoon we have 10 of the best animated movies of all time that you don’t want to miss watching.

Magical Realism: My Neighbor Totoro

My neighbor totoro 1988 hayao mizayaki’s name conjures up images of some of the best animated feature films of the last 30 years for aficionados of Japanese animation in 1988 miyazaki published my neighbor totoro which many believed to be his magnum achievement the film follows the experiences of two young girls as they relocate to japan after world war ii to care for their elderly mother they meet strange spirits from the nearby woodlands once they arrive whereas grape of the fireflies introduced dismal realism to war-torn japan my neighbor totoro blends history with the supernatural to offer whimsy to the world.

Graphic Novel Phenomenon

Persepholis 2007 marjane satrapi began publishing chapters of her autobiographical graphic novel persepholese in 2000 describing her infancy in iran and her stay abroad the graphic novel was regarded as a masterpiece upon its english debut in 2003 an honest memoir a forceful piece of political critique and a superb comic book then in 2007 sotropi teamed up with vincent paranow to create a feature-length animated film based on her story apart from blasting her truth into your eyes at 24 frames per second it didn’t change anything but it was and we are all better for it.

Tim Burton’s Halloween Classic

The nightmare before christmas 1993 the nightmare before christmas introduced a whole new generation to stop motion animation as a result the nightmare before christmas has become a christmas classic in its own right or wait a minute a halloween movie just keep an eye on it on both days the film features jack skellington a skeleton residing in halloweentown who discovers a gateway to christmastown this film was produced by tim burton and directed by henry selick who also directed coraline the film depicts his attempts to persuade his eerie village to accept the more joyous celebration set to danny elfman’s music it’s a haunting spin on the standard syrupy sweet christmas material making it an incredible unique film worth seeing.

Groundbreaking Emotion Portrayal

Inside out 2015. inside out is the most complicated film pixar has ever made it is groundbreaking in its portrayal of emotions and psychology especially in a way that children and adults can understand riley a young girl who moves across the nation adjusts to her new surroundings and grows up seems a little dry for a children’s film instead we see how all this plays out in riley’s thoughts as she works through her complex feelings and learns that sometimes it’s necessary to feel horrible in order to process things properly.

Disney’s Lion King

number 6. the lion king 1994 usually children would not cue to watch a mashup of hamlet in the biblical stories of joseph and moses but disney managed to accomplish it with the lion king elton john deserves credit for allowing disney to introduce children to more serious topics such as a beloved father being trampled by stampede of wild beasts the lion king is one of the most heartbreaking stories ever told through american animation and it’s a must-have on the dvd shelf of american households it used cgi animation for the first time and it went on to become one of the most popular broadway musicals of all time.

Finding Nemo: Timeless Pixar Magic

number five finding nemo 2003 pixar studios employs some of the best storytellers in the industry and each film they create has the ability to target your heartstrings as well as make you laugh like your six again finding nemo is a film about love courage and determination that takes viewers on a journey through the ocean to reunite a family finding nemo is still as popular now as it was when the movie first came out many years ago thanks to its amusing characters fantastic animation and catchy soundtrack.

Iconic Animation: Toy Story

Toy story 1995. toy story’s funny narrative and innovative imagery caused many critics to call it the finest animated film ever made in addition to paving the way for future pixar classics such as the incredibles and monsters inc not without reason 27 animators worked tirelessly on this video meticulously sketching every aspect down to the tiniest blade of grass to portray the narrative of two lost toys attempting to find their way home the blend of nostalgia youthful amazement and misty-eyed adult humor and toy story is the film’s best triumph that’s the kind of mix that every kid’s film aspires.

Spirited Away: Magical Masterpiece

Spirited away 2001. if you want the numbers spirited away is one of the most successful japanese films of all time grossing over 275 million dollars at the box office if you’re looking for art look no further spirited away miyazaki’s ninth feature length animated picture is an actual work of art the viewer is drawn into a dream it transports you to a location that is not accessible by other means the plot is straightforward as it should be chihiro a young girl is relocating to a new location with her family her parents take a detour along the route dropping the family off at what appears to be an abandoned amusement park chihiro then discovers a bathhouse for spirits where she is confined childhood estrangement and loneliness are significant themes but spirited away is pure magic.

Spider-Verse Brilliance

Spider-Man into the spider-verse 2018 not only did 2018’s best animated picture and perhaps the best superhero film of the year have a half-black half-latino Spider-Man who wore jays and bombed subways but it also had gwen stacy a spider woman a whole pig dressed as spider-man and much more into the spider-verse took the elegance of comic book art and expertly reproduced it on the screen sony made kara to patent it so they could cash in on it in the future on top of that it’s simply an excellent film with a great story a lot of laughs and a lot of action the standard has been raised for animated superhero films.

Soul: Disney Plus Gem

Soul the first pixar picture not to be released in theaters and the first to be referred to as a Disney plus original didn’t let that stop the tears from falling the film is drenched in jazz music with tina fey quest love felicia rashad jono rawlings angela bassett and others to flesh out this tale based around our souls it has a fantastic lead performance from oscar-winning actor jamie foxx.

Even while the themes in typical pixar fashion go beyond good versus evil it’s still a children’s film soul is a magnificent picture that deserves all of its accolades during award season it goes to the heart of what it means to live a full life so we’ve counted down the 10 greatest animated movies of all time that have pushed the boundaries of what drawn lines computerized pixels or manipulated puppets could accomplish for film goers these are the ones that scare us move us crack us up and remind us of how fun and moving it is to watch cartoons with a crowd.