Ambani Family’s Hidden Realities
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Ambani Family’s Hidden Realities

The second question is whether all three Aamir Khan, Salman Khan, Shahrukh Khan can ever be seen in one film, what kind of film, if you can afford it then offer it, dance today, many performances including these are available all over the internet. They are busy but wait, this was just a pre-wedding, the marriage is still pending, my friend, that is, if Rs 1200 crores are spent on the pre-wedding, then how many rupees are going to be spent on the wedding, but has Ambani Family’s really spent Rs 1200 crores because the fact is If Bai is to be believed then she has spent a lot of money for the pre-wedding, now it is true.

Did Anant marry Radhika for undisclosed business reasons?

In this pre wedding for you, Anant will tell from Radhika’s love story to himself. Everything will be presented till Mukesh Bhai’s dance, but if you are thinking that you have already seen the entire pre-wedding on Instagram, then you are absolutely wrong. In fact, to know the raw account of what happened in this pre-wedding, We will take you to Jamnagar. There is only one question on every mouth, whether the wedding guests will be welcomed?

Now the guests were welcomed not with welcome but they were definitely welcomed with food and tents were also deployed to welcome all the guests. All these things started from the bus. You must have seen how the celebrities were welcomed in the bus. Was brought from the crowded airport to the location of the pre-wedding. It featured Varun Dhawan, Sangh family Exclusive, Anil Kapoor, Riteish Deshmukh and Aditya Roy Kapur, but did the fans just ring the bus for all the cell buses? Turned out to be a little different. Just as SRK roams around in his Rolls Royce in Mumbai, similarly in Jamnagar too.

Extravagant Wedding Preparations

A Rolls Royce was sent for him, along with him, a special vehicle was also arranged for Ranveer Kapoor and while on one hand Ambani packed the entire Bollywood in one bus, on the other hand Mukesh Bhai made Gujarat’s Jamnagar Airport an international airport for 10 days. In fact, while only six planes used to arrive at this airport a day, there was a movement of 140 flights during the pre-wedding. This was just so that the whole world could come to enjoy the wedding and when finally people reached the pre-wedding location, they were welcomed. The families of Mukesh Ambani and Radhika Merchant themselves did it but the coming ones

Along with the people, the list of people who did not come also went viral. This list includes Kartik Aryan who is busy shooting for Bhool Bhulaiyaa 3, Hrithik Roshan who is ill these days, Virat Kohli who is busy taking care of Aagay. And Kangana Ranaut, whose reason for not coming was not given, but yes, a day before the pre-wedding, Kangana’s entry on her twitter became a hit where Mak Bhaiya was seen with his wife in a suit and boot and Bill Gates was seen with Dolly Chaiwala, ‘One Shy Please’.I mean Bill Bhai not only attended Anant’s pre-wedding but also India.

Pre-Wedding Entertainment

I also attended many places, which means the guests started having fun in Jamnagar as soon as they arrived, but Faik Bhai will give you the complete details of the expenses involved in making them have so much fun, but before that let’s see the song playing from Ambani’s house. In this performance, Udit Narayan sang Pehla Nasha, Arjit and Shreya did Mera Dholna together, Lucky Ali did Vo Sanam and Sukhvindra Paaji created a stir with Chaiya Chaiya, that is, one after the other Bollywood singers together added charm to the entire pre-wedding but No one could create the atmosphere that Diljit Bhai set because Diljit

He won everyone’s heart with his songs. He not only made Nawab Saif Ali Khan dance but also made King Khan dance and was also seen dancing to his songs [Music]. In fact, when Diljit’s performance was about to end, Anant Ambani himself was seen dancing. The groom requested him to sing for 20 more minutes, at least 20 minutes and Sir, you can sing for 30 more minutes, why not let everyone listen to Diljit’s songs as well as his Punjabi commentary, along with this Diljit’s heart During the throw performance, Dule’s mother Neeta ji also taught Gujarati to Diljit, now this is the talk of Bollywood singers.

Celebrity Performance Highlights

But what about Rehana, ever since her performance was heard, she has been the talk of the town. Rehana charged $7,921,782 to $8,881,998 for her performance, which included many other songs like her Diamonds Work and other songs. Apart from this, he also danced with Janhvi Kapoor. Shahrukh also danced in the same way when Ekan sang Chammak Challo [Music]. Not only this, Sallu Bhaijaan was also carried in his lap during his performance, that is, the singers did all the guests and groom. The bride was given a jeep full of enjoyment and that too so much that all three danced together at the end of the day.

In return, Ambani also had to bear the expenditure of several crores, where usually Diljit takes 4 crores, Earn takes 5 crores and Ekan takes 2 to 4 crores, meaning almost on this basis, crores of rupees would have been distributed among many singers, but today the weight is vector. Brother, we will show you the performance not only of these celebrities but also of Mukesh Bhai himself. Na Na Na Na Mukesh Bhai did not stop by dancing so heavy. Anant’s father and mother also showed acting and when such performances are uploaded on the internet, they go viral. Right is about to happen, now you just think, if you open social media, Anant Bhai.

Anant Bhai’s Pre-wedding Craze

If you turn on pre-wedding TV, then there too Anant Bhai’s pre-wedding and if you go to any tea shop, people there too are talking about him, after all, this is going on all over India, so brother, people call it marketing, which is the post of stars on TV channels. And to promote youtube2 in India campaign, the pre-wedding was held in Jamnagar, perhaps people would prefer to leave the foreign destination and get married in India, but now it is a matter of trolling which has been started by the memers after seeing the pre-wedding. It started when people saw a band on the hand of Mrs. Irani ji and this band Ambanis were giving it to special guests.

Seeing this, people had only one comment that brother, if you have money, can’t anything be done? Not only this, people also started making memes on Mark’s money, but now what can Mark Bhai do? Mukesh Bhai’s son, who is among the top 10 rich in the world, had music and Mukesh Ambani spent more than 1200 crores for the entire pre-wedding for his son, so has this left a big hole in Mukesh Ambani’s pocket? Not at all, if seen then Mukesh Ambani earns 90 crores every hour and if there is three rupees in the function.

Mukesh Ambani’s Tax Contributions

In those days, that is, he had made a profit of more than $48 crores in those days. Along with this, Mukesh Bhai also pays a lot of tax annually. In 2023, he has paid a total tax of $0 crores. Now, how much return did he get from this, You will have to take it from their CA, but just imagine if Mukesh Bhai took back the wedding expenses by adding it to the tax, but seeing the lavish expenditure on weddings, the happiness of his children is dearer than money, because at Anant’s pre-wedding, he He has spent $144 crores on the marriage of his son Akash.

He had given a wedding gift of $54 crore to his daughter-in-law and Mukesh Bhai had spent around $84 crore for his daughter’s marriage, which means family first and money second, so if we look at it, Mukesh Bhai would never have spent so much money anyway. Brothers, everything is fair in love and war and here it is about Anant brother Radhika sister, this love story is not of today, it started in the childhood of both of them, although Anant and Radhika were just friends in childhood, but this friendship grew up and turned into kinship. The effect changed even when their engagement was not fixed.

Papa Ambani’s Approval

The pictures of both of them had gone viral but what about Papa Ambani and how did he agree to this marriage? Apart from being family friends, another reason comes to the fore which is that the merchant is actually the owner of Veeren ji Encore Health Care Pvt. Ltd. whose network is 00. It is more than ₹ Crore and if we talk about Radhika’s net worth, then it is also said to be more than ₹ Crore, that is, the pair of these two definitely looks like man and heaven, but leaving all this aside, if we talk about Radhika’s education, then she Has studied from New York and is also a professional Bharatanatyam dancer and.

Radhika Merchant’s Wedding

And because of all this, Radhika Merchant has become a national crush today. Now in such a situation, my Anand Bhai was about to melt, but if you think that there was so much excitement in the pre-waiting, then the wet marriage is still pending, my friend, mark the calendar. Take heart and hold your heart, Anant and Radhika’s wedding is on 12th July 2024 and if you are thinking that Mukesh Bhai will leave no stone unturned on this date then you are absolutely wrong, he gave 33 crores for the performance of Bansi in his daughter’s wedding. Had got it done but still that marriage ended in only $84 crores. Now think about whose pre wedding itself was Rs 1200 crores.

If the expenditure is worth crores, how much will he spend on the wedding and if he spends even more than this then the whole of Hollywood, leaving aside Bollywood, will go to eat at his place, what do you think about this, you can tell by commenting, brothers, whether the marriage is successful or not. It has happened, but it has definitely happened and you don’t even need to worry about Mukesh Bhai’s expenses because in the time you spent watching this video, Ambani Bhai would have easily earned Rs 15 crores. So eat your food, switch off the lights and go to sleep, but If you haven’t heard then click on this button to know how the sting operation was done.