Alix Earle And Haley Cavinder Shin On The SI Swimsuit Runway: A story filled with elegance and companionship
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Alix Earle And Haley Cavinder Shin On The SI Swimsuit Runway: A story filled with elegance and companionship

Alix Earle and Haley Cavinder stole the spotlight at the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit fashion show in Miami as they graced the runway with their star power. Not only did they showcase breathtaking swimwear, but they also displayed their unbreakable bond of friendship.

Alix Earle, the girlfriend of Miami Dolphins wide receiver Braxton Berrios, caused a stir among fans and fashion enthusiasts with her highly anticipated runway debut in Sports Illustrated. The news of her debut, which aligned with the launch of Sports Illustrated inaugural digital swimsuit edition, quickly went viral on the internet.

Earle made a stunning appearance on the catwalk wearing a captivating blue bikini, capturing the attention of Instagram users worldwide. In a matter of hours, this momentous occasion garnered an impressive 765,000 likes, becoming a viral sensation. Amidst the flood of encouraging comments, one particular message stood out from Haley Cavinder, the girlfriend of Jake Ferguson, a talented tight end for the Dallas Cowboys. She expressed, “You are the center of attention, and we are fortunate to be a part of your world.”

The Earle family seized the limelight

Earle’s runway debut became even more memorable when she was accompanied by her sisters – Ashtin, Penelope, and Izabel. The four siblings strutted down the runway together, creating a precious moment that Earle fondly shared in her Instagram post. She reminisced about sneaking into the show three years prior, dreaming of experiencing this exact moment.

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Participating in the @si_swimsuit swim week show and having the opportunity to walk the runway with my sisters is truly a dream come true. Three years ago, I managed to attend (sneak into) this show and was absolutely amazed. I am extremely thankful to be standing alongside numerous incredible women in the SI family,” Earle wrote in her post.

The Cavinder twins, who rose to fame on TikTok in 2020, added to the allure by making their runway debut at Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, impressing the audience with their matching pink and blue bikinis, as well as black and white outfits that harmonized beautifully.

The robust bond between Cavinder and Ferguson

Haley Cavinder, a prominent member of the University of Miami basketball team, and Jake Ferguson have allegedly been in a romantic relationship since the autumn of 2023. Their bond is frequently showcased on Instagram, with regular appearances on each other’s profiles, much to the joy of their supporters.