Advanced gadgets that will blow your mind

Advanced gadgets that will blow your mind

The advanced gadgets and technology that will surely blow your mind.

Smart Heated Mug

The ember travel mug ii it’s mind blowing designed to be used on the go the new ember travel mug 2 does more than simply keep your coffee hot our smart heated travel mug allows you to set an exact drinking temperature and keeps it there for up to three hours so your coffee is never too hot or too cold more features include it’s easy to clean its mug is safe to hand wash and submersible up to one meter in water its leak-proof lid is dishwasher safe and it includes new redesigned charging coaster.

Token Ring: Contactless Convenience

The token ring it allows contactless payments as easy as one two not twice to activate token and hold your hand over any contactless reader making a purchase has never been easier it is an access badge that won’t cramp your style leave the lanyard in your desk drawer with token you’ve got the digital key to your building on your finger wherever you go you’ll have security wrapped around your finger with tokens integrated fingerprint sensor you are the only one that can authenticate with and use your ring.

Outdoor Robotic Camera

The atom ar3 is the first outdoor robotic camera it talks detects human faces and 360 degree auto tracks people to safeguard your properties atom ar3 comes in with two versions one has a light bulb adapter ar3 and the other has a standard power plug and ethernet port ar3s both devices have built-in advanced 2×2 802.11 bgn wi-fi modules atom ar3 draws power from light bulb sockets offering fast and easy setup embedded with dual core cpu atom ar3 can decipher military grade 256 bit encryption offering the highest privacy protection in the world with its motion and audio activated video alerts and live view features adam ar3 delivers instant peace of mind from any location making it the perfect security protection for residential commercial applications.

Portable Hot Stone Therapy

The elo powerful hot stone therapy within reach anytime you want elo makes it easy to enjoy the benefits on your own without the need for a partner or a visit to the spa seven heavy volcanic elo stones heated up to 130 degrees Fahrenheit and release captivating warmth into muscles slowly for sustained benefits over their use each stone is expertly shaped from raw basalt stone diffuse your favorite calming essential oil blends with the built-in diffuser synths have different properties that play a big role in triggering the mind to change states from active to passive set the mood with elo’s ambient light rings.

Rone Mini Heater: Portable Warmth

Rone mini heater a detachable and reusable hand warmer it’s small and portable it warms up in three seconds it has an adjustable airflow and it’s quiet stay warm wherever you go with the roam mini portable heater this device combines a mini heater and detachable hand warmer in one helping you to keep warm at any time likewise rome mini is ideal for anyone who gets cold hands when they start to feel cold featuring a compact and portable design the heater quickly warms up so you can use it anytime anywhere.

Flora LED Houseplant

Flora make your living room the destination with flora the world’s first led house plan inspired by the house plan it’s made up of 300 individually addressable led that swirl and pulsed life with any color imaginable the flora led floor plan stands at over four feet tall with five artisan stems and 20 leaves with 300 led lights inside all of it viewable at 360 degrees it’s live on Kickstarter with the price of 499 retail price of 699 you can get up super early backer price at 429 or super bird at four hundred and sixty nine dollars.

Mind Nap: Enhancing Meditation

The mind nap more or less we are suffering from the pressure of life or work at the present there are a lot of methods to help you with it from a long time ago but how do we know if it works or not mind nap can be the solution it can help you control your breath with the vibration function and detect your real mental state with a built-in ecg sensor some methods like breathing practices and meditations come from ancient wisdom and it really can help us we are not trying to invent something to beat them mind nap is just a device that can make those methods more effective.