10 Richest Athletes In The World 

10 Richest Athletes In The World 

Sports have been known to bring people and countries together it is for this reason that sporting events such as the olympics world cup and so on attract huge crowds as people come together to support their favorite teams and their athletes athletes give everything they’ve got toward winning in their sports but not all of them are worth much at all by the end of their careers due to poor financial knowledge you’ve probably found yourself wondering just how much all your favorite athletes are worth and who comes out on top so we have the list of our top richest athletes in the world.

Career of Eddie Jordan

Eddie Jordan is a former Irish car racer turned businessman and motorsport team boss back in 1971 he won the Irish cart championship and moved on to the formula ford in 1974. after three years Eddie went for the mick Lauren and later founded his own formula one team this team was functional from the year 1991-2005 he sold this team to midland group for almost 50 to 90 million dollars Eddie Jordan obtained his net worth by being the founder and owner of the Jordan grand prix he is currently the lead analyst for f1.

LeBron’s Lucrative Reign

Lebron James we all know lebron is the face of the nba and naturally the highest earning player in the league lebron james is an american professional basketball player and currently plays for the los angeles lakers he has won three nba championships three finals mvp awards four nba most valuable player awards and two olympic medals with all these accomplishments it is little wonder that many refer to him as one of the greatest basketball players of all time every year lebron james earns around 40 million dollars in salary from the nba and roughly 55 million dollars from endorsements that brings us total annual income to roughly 100 million dollars.

Floyd Mayweather: Undefeated Champion

Floyd Mayweather is a former professional boxer with an unbelievable record of 50-0 undefeated he is also the founder of mayweather promotions a fight promotion company competing from 1996 to 2007 and 2009 to 2015 mayweather recently added a significant amount of money to his total net worth after winning the hyped up fight against conor mcgregor in august 2017 he was ranked as the best boxer of the last 25 years by espn in 2016 and he is also referred to as the most defensive boxer in history as he has the best plus-minus ratio.

Roger Staubach’s Legacy

Roger staubach is a former American football quarterback it was back in 1969 when he joined the dallas cowboys and spent all his careers spanning 10 years playing for them while he was playing for the team they won both super bowl 6 and super bowl 12. back when roger wasn’t paid much salary as the nfl player he only got 25 000 the major source of his net worth was from ventures out of sports after retiring from the sport he worked as a commentator and also founded a commercial real estate business the starbuck company but later he sold his company to jones lang lasalle for 613 million dollars.

Magic Johnson’s Success

Magic Johnson is an american former professional basketball player johnson played in the nba for the lalakers for 13 seasons he won numerous awards as a player which put him into the nba hall of fame in his entire career he earned a whopping 25 million dollars as a salary and many more millions for endorsements currently he looks after his own company magicjohn enterprises this company is valued at over one billion dollars magic johnson enterprises owns magic johnson theaters a movie studio and a promotional marketing company in 1994 magic paid ten million dollars to buy five percent of the lakers which he sold in 2010 to billionaire patrick soon chung for a reported 50 to 60 million dollars in 2010 johnson also sold his chain of starbucks for 75 million.

Michael Shoemaker: Formula One Legend

Michael shoemaker is a german former race car driver in the formula one if you can only name one formula one driver it’s probably shoemaker he created history by winning seven formula one world championships in his time he has raced for jordan grand prix benetin and ferrari and mercedes upon his return to formula one racing of those seven championship wins he won five consecutively during his career michael donated tens of millions possibly hundreds of millions of dollars to global charities the exact total amount is not known because much of his giving was done unanimously it is known that in his last five years of driving he donated a total of 50 million dollars.

Tiger Woods: Golf Legend

Tiger woods tiger woods is an american professional golfer and one of the most popular and notorious golfers of all time he became an iconic figure in the game of golf but in the latter part of his years a majority of his wealth comes from the powerful brand he’s built over the years rather than prize money having won 14 major trophies he has been among the top players of all time there is no other golfer in the world who has crossed 100 million earnings mark other than tiger he’s also one of the highest paid athletes in the world on a yearly basis which probably explains how he was able to make it onto this list of the richest worldwide.

Michael Jordan: Basketball Legend

Michael Jordan is a retired American basketball player team owner product endorser and entrepreneur jordan played a total of 15 seasons in the nba with his career split between two teams those teams were the chicago bulls and washington wizards his never-ending list of achievements includes six times nba championships six nba finals mvp a 14-time nba all-star and so on scoring more than 30 000 points at an average of 30 points per game 5 600 assists and 6 600 rebounds is some mind-blowing stats during his nba career michael earned a total of 93.7 million dollars in salary even though he has not played basketball professionally in nearly two decades today michael earns a hundred million dollars per year from endorsements and various other business ventures.

Ion Tiriac : Tennis Phenom

Ion Tiriac is a Romanian former professional tennis and ice hockey player that’s right two sports eon had an amazing tennis career in the late 70s and early 80s as a double player he won 22 titles and ranked at the 19th position after retirement from tennis in 1970 he started coaching players like elena and boris becker after a fairly successful tennis career he pivoted to an extremely successful career as a businessman and subsequently earned billions of dollars tyriak is now the owner of the mutual madrid open tennis tournament he also manages lucas poile a french professional tennis player.

Vince McMahon: Wrestling Mogul

Vince McMahon is an american professional wrestling promoter commentator film producer and occasional wrestler McMahon has occasionally competed in the ring and has held the wwf championship and ecw world championship he has been awarded a star on the Hollywood walk of fame he is currently the majority owner chairman and ceo of wwe which hauls a nearly 1 billion dollars in annual revenue mcmahon took control of the company from his father in the 1980s vince owns 28.7 million shares of wwe stock he owns class b shares that controls 80 percent of wwe’s voting power and roughly 37.